Monday, May 14, 2012

I think people over think life, what can you really take with you when you go?

I often fall into contemplation as an older person, I suppose that would be pretty normal.  We have much more time to ourselves, well sometimes, we are quite often in more pain in our bodies so need to rest and can't always be on the go.  Whatever is your reason I would bet that you have more quiet thoughtful moments to think as you age, well maybe it would require turning off the tv or putting down that must read, but surely in moments you find yourself alone with your own thought.  I actually like me, on many levels, so try to talk to me regularly.  I must admit that it drives Poppie crazy when I do it out loud, he assumes I have to be mad, maybe in more than one way, to do it but not really I like talking to me out loud.  I told my Ladies a long time ago that they had permission to do it, sometimes the only one that can understand you is you and you should have a great talk with you.  Being a loud person on many levels I like to do it out loud so they should be allow to too.  Poppie thinks people will think we are crazy and it should be kept to a minim if we must do it.  I say who really cares if we want to talk to ourselves, he just shakes his head.  Anyway.  I like to talk to me, contemplate and pray.  All wonderful private alone time things.  I don't like alone time much if I can't do one of these things.

I think that I have been contemplating life in general, I did say I was old so I am allowed.  I think it is interesting to see what people find important in their lives.  I think as we age, in general, we look to family and close friends more and more.  I see the same in small children, family is their world, with a few close friends sprinkled in for good measure.  I am sure that was Gods intent for people in the beginning.  It maybe that that is the way most generation on earth have lived.  Really before the train or the car, did most people ever travel more than 5 to 20 miles from their birth place, no.  Yes, there were people who traveled way outside of their lives, they explored, they crusaded, they were sent to debtor prison on a new continent, they were captured as slaves or indentured themselves when they had lost all hope of quality of life in their lives but the majority of people stayed where God had put them.  I can't imagine that the millions of people who were in those lives had complicated lives like we do now.  The telegraph, tv and computer have further distorted those simple lives from one small hamlet or village into a one village world.  Really do you think the peasant tied to the farm in a fief thought of what some one might be doing in china, probably not, they were just worried about dinner and the on coming winter, how would they feed their kids?  Did the trapper in a cabin in the woods care that the African continent was being raped, that families were ripped apart and that the southern plantation would have need of new "stock" to harvest their cotton?  Did the woman in the soddy know that Aborigines were being enslaved in Australia as she lay under the trundle bed with her children hoping the passing native hunting group would not discover them?  Life in any of these time was all about home, family and surviving until tomorrow or next year.  When did this time or age end, not all that long ago, if it ever did. 

We live in a faster world, we can talk to people in Russia or they can read my daily blog but does that mean our personal existence isn't top of the list of things we must do?  Yes in some areas there is welfare or other social programs to help the poor but not everywhere.  Yes, even today people die everyday because they strave to death, or they didn't have enough to survive the winter, the heat wave or the flood.  Are we any less subject to the whims of nature than we were as hunters and gatherers?  Does a mansion on a hill mean we won't starve?  Really how many mansions are sitting in foreclosure with the people wondering where their dinner will come from, more than you think I would bet.  Life is never a sure thing, it is a test of who you are and the choices you make.  You can have abundance and lose it all, it has always been that way.  Flood or famine. 

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