Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kids today, cheese to make, the goats mowed the lawn, Mokie drives the Grand.

Mokie has to drive the Grand to the Zoo today for more eye appointments.  She is having or I should say has been going through having her eyes fixed through lasik eye surgery.  Today I will have the kids, or we with Poppie.  We will have Mokies, Second, Curious, Daddy's Boy and Fairy Princess.  They are used to being out side and loving it so hope it isn't to cold or rainy for them to spend some time outside.  I have cheese to make so hope to get that done but with the kiddos it might not happen until tomorrow.  If I make it today it will be mozzarella if I make it tomorrow it will be blue feta, so we will see which it is when I finish it up. 

I let my does out in the yard to do lawn work they quickly learned where they were allowed to be and where they were not allowed to be.  I am hoping to get the fencing done soon so I won't have to babysit them when they are out.  They were actually so glad to be out eating all the tall grass and weeds that they did end up acting like ladies, even the withers.  They walked over far enough that the weanlings could see them, the does went about their business without even noticing them, apparently glad to no longer be burden by them but the babies cried for their mommas the rest of the afternoon.  I am up to five does milking, two only once a day as they are being milked more for getting them into the habit and helping them not to get mastitis.  The other three are doing good and giving a good showing.  Mokie is milking two does of her own, I actually am not a good milker, I can do it but am slow and only really effective with the larger teated does.  Yogie is a real good milker, Booboo is a good milker, Mokie is a great milker.  I don't really have to be a good milker with them around.  Boy is trying and Cubbie is learning the concept, they both have the desire and we aren't going to dissuade them, they will eventually be as good as Booboo and Yogie, someday all will be as good as Mokie.

I have a tooth acting up, it is in the last stages of being able to be worried out but is in the throbbing stage so I am whining today, I think in a few days or a week it may no longer be an issue which will be a nice blessing when it comes.  Off to start my day, I hope I manage to survive.... tomorrow.

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