Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Today Poppie and I are both sick, making rugs, Soap with Sweaters on a Rope........

You can always tell when Poppie is really sick, he gets the fire going so hot man nor beast can be at peace in the frontroom, it is one of those days.  I woke up with a head cold, Poppie has well and truly shared, I don't think he likes to be sick without me.  I finished up a green rug this morning, I got hangers for them yesterday at the Zoo and couldn't wait to try and see how they look on the hanger, they look very nice. Going to make up more Soap in Sweaters but this time they will be on a rope.  Belle likes them and thinks I would do well selling them.  Got the dates secured, I think, for the soap classes, will know later for sure. I think it has worked out to March 29 and April 24.

I went with Mokie to the Zoo yesterday. I picked up flooring at Costco to go with the flooring I got last week now we have enough to do the bedroom.  I picked up silicone molds, I looked at the old Walmart no luck, got two expensive ones at Joann's Fabric, have a coupon for 50% off if I am there next week which I won't be.  I got more at Walmart.  Some Christmas ones for 25 cents each but the checker charge me 2 dollars at the counter, my lovely Mokie went to the service desk and got me the difference back, I had never done it and she was johnny on the spot.  I also got some Easter ones.  I got essential oils on sale in several stores.  Picked up a couple of props for my soap display, IE breakfast in bed trays, Booboo severed me breakfast in bed, so sweet because I am sick.  I got 60lbs of hamburger that I now have to repackage.  Beef I am told is going up again, and that should get us ahead for awhile.  We don't eat much beef except hamburger and a good steak once in awhile.  I like the 88/12.  I got stuff to make more granola the 2 gallons I made is well and truly gone.  Saw Niecy, her hubs, and her three littles at Goodwill, okay, it is true we are Goodwillers and proud of it.  I got two new books, both Philip Yancey's, yay.  It was a nice day all in all.  On the way in I saw Lady going to work, we were on the freeway and she in the subdivision, I took out my phone and typed waving.  Confused my dear friend latter when she read it,  I told her my bit of fun.

I pray that you know that God loves you, always has and always will, he calls us each to make a choice to accept his gift, I hope he has called you and you have been gifted your salvation.  I hope to see you in heaven and for those I don't know I can't wait to meet you there... tomorrow. 

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