Friday, February 21, 2014

So no one ever accused me of being and underdoer......

I got the great idea of canning sloppy joe sauce from Lady Hero and Lady this week.  I was wrapping 60 pounds of hamburger into 2 pound pack for the freezer, when Lady Hero suggested I can some in my lazy jars.  Never being one to over look away to fill a lazy jar I thought what a great idea, and I have all that ground beef I bought a couple of weeks ago from Walmart that is 27/73 when Costco was out of the 88/12 I get.  So yesterday I thawed it all out.  I had mentioned I might make it into Sloppy Joes and Lady said she had made some Great sloppy joes(insert her name) last summer and they really enjoyed it.  Well I got on the phone to buy some tomatoes because they are on sale well they were sold out but Character said she could order me some for today, so I ended up ordering a case and some peppers to go in it.  Poppie picked them up this morning, I grated most of the carrots I had left from my 25 pounds, chopped onions, and the peppers.  I have 17 tomatoes left and not a drop of room left in my 16 quart canner, and I haven't even started browning meat.  Okay so I am making Sloppy Joe Mix and Sloppy Joes with Meat.  I am like one of those people who make stone soup and can't resist making and making until the pot I start with is full up.  I must learn how to remember to start with a smaller pot... comes from being the oldest of 12, raised with 8 and two parents, you don't ever quite get over cooking for 10 at once.  Pour Poppie had to eat left overs for a week when we first got married and there was just two of us, but I digress.  So I am going to be making sloppy joe stuff all day and probably most of tomorrow.  I am still sick but atleast it is just busy work, and with the Nyquil and the cough drops I have to have  others taste it as my taster does not work.

I got the dates for my class settled, March 29 and April 26th, dumbying me can't count from 19 to 26 with out stopping at 24 and thinking I made it seven days.... My molds came yesterday and my oils are here fun that everything is coming together.

May the day be a pleasing to you, may the love of God fill your soul and my your heart be called to the Lord this day... tomorrow. 

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