Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow for all, even enough for ice cream, and now we need to hunker down for below zero...... Oh, can't it just be snow!

Poppie began yesterday with a half hour shower and that is never a good sign.  Now that he has been off of his drugs (legal ones) for just short of a year his patterns have become pretty readable. If the day begins with such a long stint in the shower he is in enough pain that laying in bed was no longer possible.  The rest of the day he was pretty grumpy, it sort of always means that bad weather is coming and coming soon.  We have been blessed with about 8 inches of snow these last few days. Poppie got me condensed milk Wednesday but I have not had time to actually use it and make it into snow ice cream.

Yesterday was a nice day at Church, except for Poppie's restlessness he couldn't find a comfortable place on his chair, not that the chairs at Church are comfortable for anyone but he sometimes finds them especially painful.  We came home and I made fried chicken, fried potatoes because Poppie wanted them more than mashed, he doesn't like the skins in his mashed potatoes and I am stubborn about leaving them there.  He says they taste like dirt but are much better fried, I can't imagine that dirt would be better fried, and there is no dirt on the potatoes when I mash them but any way he got the fried potatoes and the girls and I had carrots, no he didn't eat any of those either.  I made a peach and raisin cobbler to try and cheer him up.  I decided that snow ice cream would make the cobbler much better.

The girls went out on the deck and collected all the snow off the rails, this morning there is 3 inches of new snow on it.  They brought in a large bowl of snow.  I mixed two eggs, yes mine are free range and home grown no raw store bought eggs here, vanilla my own that I made from vanilla beans and vodka, some strawberry jelly again my own, one can condensed milk (I know I should have made it myself to be better but I didn't) and snow to the consistence we like, we like cream thick ice cream so they had to go get more snow.... The Ladies enjoyed a big bowl and then later had a lady like serving on their cobbler, okay, since they both have a body fat of 15% I let them indulge sometimes. As I said more snow this morning and it will continue the rest of the day but tomorrow comes the cold it is to get down to -15 in the next few day, I love the snow, especially when it isn't on the road but I hate, yes, I hate the cold, the biggest reason I don't like winter.  I am done whining now....

I hope and pray for your day to be filled with the joy and love of the Lord Jesus.  May the joy of his love envelop you in your daily life and for the rest of your life... tomorrow.

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