Thursday, February 13, 2014

Molds of all kind, water Kefir, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Tallow, Almond oil and Avocado, oh, and apricot.....

I spent most of the day yesterday doing soapy things.  I began the day though by melting down the coco butter lotion bars in a jar that I made into smaller containers and giving them some smell.  One was rose smell and the other three I made into lavender, I misspoke and said I made lilac on Facebook.  I will get some lilac and make some of it because it seemed to be something others would like.  I made up some soaps all goat kefir based. One coffee, one diatomaceous earth as a foliant with cranberry mandarin scent, one with no scent and iced to try and keep it white, not sure if it is going to set because I am not sure it traced right and I know it didn't sponify but I read that someone used that technique for white goat soap so we will see if all else fails it can be rebatch.  The great rebatch will save any soap.

I got to order 15 soap molds,  I was excited to find a site that offered free shipping on orders of 99 dollar or more.  Molds are normally 7.95 apiece, same on this site but instead of paying 3.99 for shipping apiece (and yes other site give some discount but usually not free) I got to by more molds, so instead of a mold being 12ish I got them for 8ish and got a third more.  So, now I have 15 molds to choose from.  I think that in my class I will offer the ability for the attendee to keep the mold or not to keep the mold.  I also got to order the oils, I ordered olive oil, coconut oil, tallow(it is hard to find tallow that you don't have to render and it makes the hardest of all the soaps)  I can get vegetable oil locally for those who would want to have no animal fats, or vegan soap.  I also ordered almond oil, avocado (it will be my first time using it) and I ordered some apricot oil for Flower Child.  I can't wait for the oils to come, in the end it will be the most inexpensive oils I have gotten to get as I was able to buy them in 50lbs or 5 gallons, well not the almond or the avocado but the basic oils.  I also ordered some new water kefir since I was doing so much online ordering. I am going to be ordering labels for my rugs as well, not sure what I will have put on them, my email address, name and maybe my Etsy site but I am thinking of changing the name of my Etsy site for my new relaunch of it.  I had shut it down this fall.  I am really looking forward to not watching the grands daily after the 28th.  I have not really gotten to do what I needed to do to maintain my Etsy or Ebay sites, and I am looking forward to renewed dedication to them.  I have not really carved in two years except for the gun shock I did last Christmas.  I am also looking forward to finishing my tiling, hardwooding my bedroom and a good spring cleaning of my house.  I can't wait to move the studio and make a family room where it once was.  Okay so I have lots and lots of plans for my immediate future.  Yay.

I am off to cut soaps, check on the progress of others, and get ready to work later.  Oh, and the grands will soon be here.  I pray for your day, your salvation and your joy in the Lord.... tomorrow. 

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