Friday, February 7, 2014

1001, I missed a 1000 so here's to second chances..... it is much warmer on -4 today.

It's warmed up to a balmy, -4 today, I misspoke yesterday,  true it was -12 and got down to -16 in the morning, but that was after it was -24 over night....... Isn't it funny how warm -4 can really be??

I had noticed a couple weeks back that I would be writing my 1000 blog page and then yesterday I completely missed it say la fee.... So here is to 1001.  I think I have really grown in the last three years of talking to you and in the end that is basically what I do and some of you have listened, thank you.  I must admit, that though I do not know the real cost of therapy I have a friend that assures me that it is costly, so thank you for the savings of the money I did not have and would, obviously, not have spent on therapy.  I have accomplished many of my beginning ideals of what my blog might be, I have noted for time going forward (you know nothing on the internet ever really goes away) the meanderings of my mind, sometime crazy, thoughtful, anger or just in plain  sorrow. My grands and my kids may some day look to them and maybe know a little more of who I was on the inside, good or bad.

I have grown in my love of God, my understanding of him and still fail to be what he wants me to be daily, and I have done it all in front of an audience of any one who wanted to look, you have hopefully kept me realistic and honest with myself. I have new concepts that I did not just short of three years ago, and hopefully I am a better person today, but who really can tell about tomorrow.  I have studied a lot and learned a lot about God that I did not know and know that I still know nothing really about God, well not more than any one can really know about a God that is so magnificent that we can't really comprehend him on any human level.  I have learned a lot about Grace and know that no one really lives up to it or can have it the way God does and all that we can really do is to try to do better each day and still fail.  I know that sin is sin and I am not one jot better than a murder, a rapist or a child molester, I am a liar, a coveter, gossiper,  and any number or other sinful things that has made me detestable in God's eyes, funny how we each think we are better than those people we consider sinful.... God see us all, with out Jesus's salvation, as something he can't even look at.   I know that some of what we, as Christian, hold dear to us is of no real consequence to God at all and we spend our lives striving toward a useless goal.  We miss that all God wants us to do is love our neighbors of this earth, friend or foe. We rebel at the thought of loving "those kind of people" when every example the Lord Jesus ever gave us was his loving of "those very people".  We really need to actually learn what Grace of God is and get down on our knees and pray God will lead us to his Grace and that we are blessed to be allowed the Grace that we can not seem to quite allow ourselves to truly give to others, while we are worrying about the inconsequential. I thank you one and all for listening, commenting and coming back to see what I will go next, here's to many more years, God willing, and if my mind doesn't run out of thoughts to think.... Bless you one and all, and I pray that you seek God's Grace in your life... tomorrow. 

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