Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Girls on the loose today..... Well if you call a trip to the dentist being on the loose.

Today my Ladies, Mokie and her girls will all be on our way to the dentist.  The Boy was to go but he is sick and will have to stay home with Poppie.  I have a bucket to paint before I go at 11:30.  Never had a special order to paint a bucket before but it should be fun.  It will be a berry picking bucket.  I hope in the long run the paint actually stays on the bucket.  It is a plastic bucket, Poppie has primed it and I hope that helps the paint stay, but I am thinking that bushes are scratchy so the future of the paint on the bucket is still to be determined.  It will have words and huckleberries on it.  We didn't primer the inside for fear of contamination, so it is very blue on the inside.

We have to take all five girls to the dentist for 6 month check ups.  We are going to do some shopping for some groceries, probably some mineral blocks for the goats, and maybe some nice colored sheets at the Goodwill for the rugs.  I just finished the pretties rug I think I have ever made and I so want to keep it for me, and may just, but worry that with the traffic in my house that it will get unduly dirty.  Poppie has promised a dog pen this year for the little dogs.  I can't wait, and hope he follows through, I just sometimes need some peace from them and Poppie has slowly come around to my request, he still thinks his dog, or dogs, will be in there more than he can handle.  We will have to have some moderation in the time I can put them there, I think.  Well it's a beginning any way.

Son lost his boar yesterday and is pretty disheartened by it.  He had decided to harvest him a week or so ago because he had uncharacteristically bit Son, now he wonders if he had been sick and Son missed it.  We did each lose a goat over the cold weather, it is sometimes very sad to lose them but we learned at the beginning of Goatsmanship that the reality is that goats die and sometime we know not why, they can be such a funny little creature.  So with the two goats and Brute maybe we have had our three and will be safe from loss for the time being.

Well I do have to go paint, get ready to went and so I bid you adieu.  I pray for your salvation and that your day is good and that God is in it.....tomorrow.  

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  1. Good show! It sounds like a trip that is most useful. It's cool that they all went through that, and had dental preemptions really well. These things you cannot allow to escalate, or it will be an even bigger problem in the end. Childhood is too precious for that.

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