Thursday, February 6, 2014

16 below here, Poppie froze his beard and mustache taking the kids to school....... Hibernating here for sure.

Today we woke up to -12 degrees and now we are down to -16.  The sun is shining and it looks like a lovely day outside but it is being deceptive, it is to cold for man or beast out there.  Well, except for my Mishka, the Great Pyrenees, she thinks it is just as lovely outside as the sun belies that it is.  Poppie took the Ladies to school and had a frozen mustache and beard when he got home, the heater is frozen and the car almost did not start to begin with.  We are huddled in our warm house praying that there is no real reason to venture out into the weather.  Bubbles gets her stitches out later but Mokie will be taking her to do that.  I am going to happily Nalebind my Antler Knot minty green rug.  I might make some cookies as the heat of the oven will give us much needed additional heat.  I hope and pray all that have to go out into the cold are warm and keep themselves safe.

I am supposed to get some wool in the mail today, it is woven so I will be trying Nalebinding on it as well, once I get it all cut up.  I have a braided rug to finish.  It has a center medallion so is different than the all the other braided ones.  I am happily making rugs as my this years craft, for the first time in two years I will really get to be creative.  I won't be watching the kiddo's after the 28th, I can just be Nannie and that will be a blessing.  I have decided for sure to do two soap classes, I will be doing a basic class and then an advanced.  I figure I have to teach the basics before I can teach the advanced things, and at the advanced I will teach some soaps that may seize and how to fix that and I think that that would be to much for a beginner, it might scare them away from soaping altogether so I think two classes are in order. I have to go down to the extension office to talk with them, they might sponsor the class, that would be cool.  It is to cold to go there today though hopefully tomorrow. I am looking forward to teaching a class, I have made out a order to send for the oils and fats for the soap.  So I am looking forward to the spring with zeal I have lacked for a little while.

I pray that the day is not as cold where you are and if it is, keep bundled up.  I pray for the Lord's love in you life.  May the Grace of God  encompass you and you may know the Lord Jesus in your heart.  Nothing is more important in you life than Jesus, NO, nothing is.... tomorrow. 

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