Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tearing sheets, grating soap and watching the Ladies design........ Poppie is watching a movie.

Yesterday was a busy day, Poppie and I went to Yogie's last 5th grade basket ball game, which they lost.  I made some Sandalwood Vanilla Kefir Goat Soap, in preparation for the 4th Annual Spring Fling that the Library puts on.  I will be selling rugs and soap.  I am hoping to be more stream line this year.  I re-named my Etsy shop and am making plans to get both my Etsy shop and Ebay store back on line.  I finished my day off yesterday by going to a baby shower for Lady's daughter.  It was a very nice gathering, I knew all the seasoned ladies but not most of the younger ladies and their little lovelies, there was probably 10 littles there.  It was wonderful to see all the love that the invited quest gave to the new momma to be.  She will be a momma in a little over a month.  Her little will be Lady's 5th grandchild, two girls and three boys.  Belle will be a new grandma again 10ish days later so a wonderful hope-filled 2014 is shaping up to be.

Church was nice today, Preacher was sick so he didn't come to the first part but did come for the sermon.  Pianist and Violinist lead us in song and we had breakfastfest.  Fun was had by all.  We came home had a nice dinner and watched a movie or two.  I am now tearing sheets up for the next run of rugs, talking to you all, the Ladies are creating their own design necklaces, which involve water for color??  Poppie is watching movies and catching up from a long week and being sick.  It is nice when there can be those days when you can just be.  We wanted to go to the Zoo tomorrow as the Ladies don't have school but I will have littles, I can't say enough how glad I will be to be able to not have them daily and they can just come to see me because they love me.  Only 11 more days, yes, I am counting them down.  I will be glad to be able to carve, sew or soap with out having to worry if I will have to drop something to do something for them.  I am coming along on my soap making class have had a lot of interest.  I hope I made them cost affordable, in the end I just made it the same cost as what the soap would be if you were to buy the soap you will get from one class, if they take both classes they will get a it at a discount.  I still have to confirm the dates but hope all goes as well the rest of the way as it has thus far.  I really am getting excited about doing it.  I love to share and talk soap so I will have a captive audience so to speak.

Well back to tearing I must go and then on to grating soap to rebatch a lot of the leftovers from last year.  May the Lord be in your hear, embrace your soul and may you know that heaven is going to be your home.... tomorrow. 

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