Wednesday, February 5, 2014

People doing there people thing in Zootown...... God's love.

Yesterday Mokie, Bubbles and I went to town.  We shopped and shopped.  We bought groceries, some clothes, some new under things all around ( sometimes I just can't fathom the cost of underthings, I usually buy a whole new wardrobe for all once a year, yesterday was the day) Poppie got new shoes, he is hard on them, he still slightly drags the one leg and wears that shoe out faster than the other.  I got him a nice pair I thought might last and a pair of tennies just so if he didn't like the one pair he would have a pair of cheap ones the wear out.  He liked them both, yay. I got a great set of minty teal green twin sheets at Goodwill, at 50% off for my rugs.  I can't wait to make it into rugs... but I digress.

 The wind was blowing and it was well below zero in the Zoo.  My elf ear, I have one of each, a nice flat one and an elf one, poor Yogie has two elf ones, got so cold in the 5 minutes I was out in the wind it almost got frost bite, it was still red and hot hours and hours later.  I digress.  We had a great time just the three of us.  We did have to back track once because Costco was out of the hamburger I usually buy, they will have it tomorrow, but I will not be in Zootown tomorrow so had to get it somewhere else.  Mokie went in to get our hamburger, Bubbles and I waited in the car, we weren't going out if we didn't have to. We waited in the car, Bubbles fell asleep and I watched people.  I do so like to do that.

I often wonder about the lives of the passerby's as they go about there business.  I have said before that I am a people watcher.  I have been all of my life whether it was watching my siblings, the cardboard people to see if I could catch a look at their backside or just people as I later discovered all the cardboard people are.  I find people fascinating.  I have always loved the poem Two Pictures,  It has always been the epitome of lives wear and tear on a human soul to me.  I think I sort of look at people with that poem somewhere in the back of my mind.  I watched people yesterday and as they passed by going to and from about there lives it came to me that maybe I was seeing them all wrong.  I think that I have always looked at people and thought what brought them to this.  As surely as the sun rises they were a beautiful cherub at the beginning of their life as we all are, but what brought them to their present state.  What is their present state?  Why do I care and surely it is non of my business. I still look, and sometimes you see a gleam of such kindness in a older woman gently holding to the hand of a small child taking precarious steps.  A man dragging a new puppy on a leash, quickly loosing his patience enough to stop and pick the puppy up.  Once is a while you see a couple with mouths moving 90 miles an hour and then abruptly the woman turns and strides away, to where?  Oh, the possibilities of just watching people, a glimpse into a private world.  Do others watch me?  What do they see or not see when they do?  As I sat and watched, the cold blowing by me it came to me.  I am thinking of these people all wrong, do I look at and judge them?  Do I ponder and get it wrong?  Is it really possible to know anything about anyone but myself?  I looked out again and knew that first and foremost that the person in front of me was someone God loves.  I should see people as just that, first and nothing more, for the most part.  I know that God loves them because he tells me so in the Bible.  He loves his enemies so he loves everyone that has ever crossed my path in this life.  Yes, he loves the homeless, the criminal, the goodly, the kind, the murderer, the rapist, the gays, the prostitutes, the liberals, the rest and the cherub that sleeps so soundly in it's mothers arms and unlike me, a sinful person saved only by the Grace of God, he loves all equally and doesn't play favorites.  Only we people think in terms of "am I better than that person walking by?"  God doesn't see any as better, he sees some as saved through the blood of Jesus, but that doesn't make us better only his and his for eternity.  God loves all of mankind and wants none to perish.  Can you imagine love that big? and that boundless, no and alas non of us can we only cling to faith that that is so....  So today as I go out, which I might not because it is cold, but next time I do I have to remember that God loves all and I am not better or worse than the man, woman or child walking down the street toward me, we are all a loved being in Gods eyes.  And because we are I should make it my joy in life to spread that love to all that may not know that God loves them.  He wants all to come to his Grace and receive their salvation, so he can love them forever in eternity. The praise be to God.... tomorrow.

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