Saturday, February 22, 2014

Canning the last of the sloppy joes, and it was Bountiful Basket Food Co-op day.....yay!! Wondrous Baskets!!

I have the last of my jars in the pressure canner canning away.  I ended up with 9 quarts of sloppy joes and 10 quarts of sloppy joes mix, we also had sloppy joes for dinner.  The girls and I were up early this morning and off to BBFC.  It was a wonderful basket, we had wonderful volunteers and a great day all around.  I used a scarf to wrap my mouth so the cold air would not get into my lungs, it seemed to have helped a lot, I can't wait to get over and done with this cold.  I don't feel to bad this afternoon so maybe I didn't worsen it going out in the cold.

My oils came yesterday.  They are so exciting but I have never had a 7 gallon bucket before, it weighs nearly 56 pounds.  Poppie cared it, and should not have, it made him sick the rest of the night.  I am going to have to use the little dolly to move it in the future.  I just have to wait for the scales now, find some gloves and maybe have to order more molds but we will see.  I am really looking forward to doing this class the first one was an impromptu one that my mother had me give to her friends.  This one I get to plan and have fun with.  The WIT is saving blenders for me so hopefully with those, mine and any the attendees bring, we will have enough.  I am thinking I will have to have coffee, tea and maybe lemonade maybe a snack too....

I have been working on rugs, and made the cutest Soap in a Sweater on a rope, using up all my left over wools and I even made up a couple that are cotton, the cotton sweater won't shrink down with the soap but it will be a natural cloth for scrubbing.  It is a good way to use up some of the older soaps I have in the closet they are really hard and aged good so they will really last in the sweaters.  New soap would just plain not last the same way.

I am going to make a couple last batches of soaps before the Spring Fling today.  Poppie has two piglets out in the yard, there pens are full of mud so he felt sorry for them and let me free range.  It is funny last night they would take turns peaking in the front door.  The dogs would bark and the piglets would just look at them.  They are both around 180 lbs each.  We are going to fatten them up and then harvest them later this spring.  Poppie has lost his heart for breeding.  I think he lost it when we had to harvest Swiss Miss Chops, or Momma, to Poppie.  He has finally said he just wants to raise a couple piglets a year.  Son is taking Chocolate to replace Brute that he lost a couple weeks ago.  Chocolate is not big like Brute was, as Poppie purposely stunted him so he would not get to be a giant boar.  He is a friendly guy and should like living at Son's.  Son asked how he was going to get him to his house and Poppie said he will follow you if you have grain or a slop bucket. So Chocolate will be leaving us soon.

The steam is calling me to put the weight on the pressure canner, have a great day.  May the Lord bless you and yours.  May you know how very much the Lord loves you and know that, yes, he loves you just because he made you so he could love you.... Accept his love, his grace and his salvation for you... tomorrow.

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