Friday, February 14, 2014

Today I made Rose and Rose Calendula Soaps, ordered scales, must find goggle, gloves, and made steps to secure sight and dates.

This morning first off I ordered 7 digital scales, I think that will give me enough of them so that there would not be any waiting to use the scales for even a big class.  I talked with the Extensions office and they are going to sponsor the building for us so that is wonderful of them and such a nice thing for them to do.  I have decided that I need at least a basic and an advanced and maybe eventually a liquid soap class but we will start with a basic and advanced this spring.  I am aiming at the last of March and then the second one in April.  I have decided that I am going to donate a spot in my class for the Spring Fling as my donation to the Spring Fling and some soap with the gift card spot. I put up a status on Facebook to see how much interest I have in the class.

I dropped by the Library and talked with Lady for awhile.  I also got to see, the Helpline Lady, she was excited about the flowers she had been given and the ones she had given out to brighten peoples days.  It was a nice visit with each.  I came home and made Rose Goat Kefir Soap and a second batch that was Rose Goat Kefir Calendula, both seem to be nice and light color, no seizing or anything weird so another good to go scent for a basic class.  I am really having fun thinking up what to do and planning this class.  It is the second one I gave the first was as special gift to my mom for her and her friends I think it went well, not sure anyone in that class will ever make soap but say la fee.  I am hoping this one is better in that someone will learn to make and love the craft of making soap.  I can't wait to share my passion, and making soap can and is a passion.  If you don't have it it can be a chore or in ways something to fear, but if you love it it is wondrous, oh the soaps you can make almost as many as the thinks you can think.  Well off to try and do something special for Poppie for Valentines day.  I hope you have a good one.

May the Lord bless you and may you know his love in your life, there is no love quite like it and none so wondrous.... tomorrow.  

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