Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Girls and Little pigs..... away to spend a winters afternoon.

We have two little piglets, well they aren't little they each weight about 180 pounds, that are running free range in our yard. They greet everyone that comes into our yard and needless to say they can be a bit intimidating to some.  Mokie squeals much like they do when they come to close to her.  The kids are at pig face level so they have gotten to know them face to face lets say.  The pigs look in the window and the dogs all yap and bark at them.  The two little girls put there little faces on the glass and the pig put their noses up to the other side of the glass face to face.  The little girl's laughter peals through the house.  The pigs at well and truly enjoying the freedom of being out and about.  They think that Poppie should come out with slop every time he leaves the house and are always intently interested it what ever he is doing when he comes out.  The goats and the pigs follow him around the snow filled yard like he was the piped piper.  I think the snow all over the yard is the only thing keep the pigs from getting into a lot more trouble than just following Littles and Poppies around.

I finished making all the strawberries from Bountiful baskets into jelly,  I got 24 pints of full sugar jelly for Poppie, 8 1/2 pints of low sugar and 3 1/2 pints of no sugar jelly.  They have all set up nice and are all actually very good if you don't eat them sugarery before the next lower amount of sugar jelly.  The girls have been working on peeling and slicing apples up into pie fillings for next summer's Farmers Market.  They have finished up one whole case and I am thinking they will eat most of the second case so things are on track.  I also picked up a case of oranges so we have fruit for all the littles to eat.

I helped Mokie order lotion base this morning.  She is excited about making goat milk lotions for the Farmer's Market and maybe the Flea Market.  It will be nice that they all have something they are passionate about to sell.  I do love my soaps.  I am making Castile soap so I can teach either goat milk soap, castile or coffee soap at the basic class.  I know the some will not want to make goat milk soap as they will not necessarily have access to goats milk, I can offer to sell it to them or they could get canned but other than that they need an option and I am thinking good castile or olive oil soap is the next best thing.  I am digressing to my passion and that could take awhile so off and down.

I am counting down the days this week to the last daycare day.  Friday, only 3 more daycare days and then I can be only Nannie.  I am so happy about that.  I know that some of you that don't get to see your grands regularly think I am being heartless, but I am well and truly tired of having them daily and all day.  They are not special to me that way but just plain work,  I want them to be special again, and I want them to feel special just to be with me and not because mommie has to go to work.  I have a special announcement, we are going to have our 10th grand this fall, so excited and looking forward to seeing the kids enjoy their new sibling.......

Well off to make pies and chicken noodle soup.  I pray that you are warm if the snow is at your home.  I pray you are in a safe loving place, the snow is still coming down, we have gotten a foot plus.....  I pray that the Lord is in your life and that you know his love.  I pray that you pray, it is one of the most wondrous things in life, and with it and the Bible we converse with God.  I pray that you have given your life to the Lord and accepted his free gift of salvation.  Nothing is more important than the Grace of God in your life.  Love of any one should come second to the love of God, Jesus is the only one ever that gave his life for your salvation... He is the one way to eternal life...believe.... tomorrow.  

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