Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kids..... They are only really kids when they are little.... you know that don't you??

Two day my two littles are still sick, good thing yesterday was a snow day or they would have missed two days of school.  As some of you know we read the Bible most morning, and I say most morning because on sick days the girls seem to miss so I won't say every day, and we are not fast enough to actually read the whole Bible in a year so we as a family fall short.  We do keep the Lord in our lives as much as we can, or try to, and again we fall short.  I have just read a book on prayer that was very interesting.  It talked about how prayer was for a lot of reasons but the most important was that it was time spent getting to know God.   Did  you ever think of it that way?  Most relationships that are meaningful and loving require talking to one another so why would our relationship with God be any different?  We hear God's words when we read them and sometime in our hearts in answers to prayers. We speak to God in our prayers so reading the Bible and praying are two of the most important acts any Christian can do.  So, think about it next time you don't want to read your Bible or Pray to the Lord, how else are you going to communicate with him??

I think that we all do the best we can with our children.  I don't think anyone comes to parenthood with the thought that I will do this for show and I don't really want my child.  I think all parents have the best intent in the beginning and for the most part parents try all along to do the best they can for their children.  It makes you wonder why so many kids go astray?  It is sometimes a failure of the parent, intentionally or accidentally, but not always and for the most part not usually.  The reality is that if it is the  parents fault then we have it all upside down.  A parent is responsible for raising their child to the best of their ability and there it really ends.  Did you ever really know a parent that said  "I think I will raise my child up to be a criminal?  a dope addict?  an alcoholic?"  No, no one really does that they love their child.  Did you ever hear a child say "I want to be a criminal, an addict or a homeless person when I grow up?"  No, you haven't.  So where does the problem come in?  I think it is when the child that has been trained  up, or taught good things decides one day that they are in charge of their own destinies and God, mom and dad don't know s**t.   This generation, well the last few generations, starting with the baby boomer, we, have all decided that our way is the best way and we should do it "my way" as the young people are want to do.  I am not saying all because a lot of the Mywayers soon learn that without God, Mom and Dad they are a boat with out a rudder unless they put into action all of what they learned from them.  But what of the countless ones that don't put their training into action?  What of the ones that didn't get any training in the first place?  Though if you think about it it might be older than the last few generations even David's son Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived, strayed away from his training, in the end from his Lord and his fathers beliefs and made altars to fake gods.  So maybe in the end we are all responsible for our own actions and mom and dad aren't really to blame.  Maybe, just maybe, we have to be the ones in our lives to stand up and say I did it, I am responsible, good or bad.  Maybe I can't count on my mom or my dad's sweat, money or faith to live my life.  Maybe I have to work for what I want, make my own way and give my life to the Lord because I made the decision to do so because I am no longer a kid but an adult.  God has no grandchildren you know?  He only has children.  You can not get by on this earth, or in eternity, expecting Momma or Daddy to do it or get it for you...... tomorrow.  

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