Monday, June 6, 2011

Recreating or Redesigning, I love new crafting, the planting should be done today, RAIN to come.

Poppie has got to call to see if the hay comes in today, we have to go to Zootown for Yogie's ortho appointment tomorrow so we will probably combine the two trips, to expensive not to. We will sure be glad to get the barn full, for awhile, that is for sure. I hate to have an empty cupboard, any one that knows me knows it is one of my fears, from my childhood, and having an empty barn is almost as bad. The rain will be back all week, the Lord must know we need it or he wouldn't keep blessing us with it. We have a little more planting to get done so hope we can get that done this morning.

Poppie worked on the turkey coop yesterday, he has it almost ready to go. The turkeys in my studio are getting to big for my studio, they also are starting to smell and I can't take it any more they have to go. Then
Booboo will hatch more and the process will begin again, well they will smell better I suppose. Poppie is make two areas for the turkeys. A small area for the ones that will be food so they don't get alot of exercise, and a bigger area for the ones that will be breeders. We will pick up the roofing for the greenhouse when we pick up the hay, so that will be a savings on a third trip combined.

I got to work on my redesigning and my recreating crafts yesterday, I was sunburned from the day before and had to take it easy on the sunshine. I did get some good news Twin told me she had been advised from her friend, with the Made Fair, that I got one of the alternate spots, as someone had cancelled. Her friend had emailed me but I didn't get the email, so I friended her and should get the info soon. She has advice for me on what to sell that would fit with their show. I hope it includes an idea on what to price the items. I live in a valley what is very small and economically repressed so what I would sell for is too cheap and I would be undercutting the other vendors which would be a no no, so I hope to get a good idea of what I need to raise my prices to to be acceptable with the other vendors. I have to make up some soaps for it. I ordered a rolling clothes wrack, Twin had told me that it would be a good idea and really a necessity to have at the show. I have little outfit hangers coming. I really am looking forward to going to the show. I have always been a redesigner of clothes, when my older kids were little I made them for them to wear, probably why Mokie hates them. I am just glad that they are something this current generation of reuse, reclaim and upcycle has embraced. Times have caught up to my plain old need to use it to survive.  I hope I am accepted and promise not to take anything, controversial, I haven't been carving anyway this spring as I am developing adult asthma and struggle to breath if I carve much. I have been using a nebulizer and that does help me. This is the second year I have had it really bad, last year it lasted well into June, but had only started a couples months before, this year I have had it since February. 

Busy day to get working on so here I go to make breakfast to get things set into high gear..... tomorrow.

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