Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Soap, cleaning, a pit and no kids, well except the visiting ones..... just one of the days of my life.

The girls had a great day with Herbalist and her visiting grandson.  They spent the day with them, then she took them to dinner on the way home, a much needed outing for the Ladies.  The girls have had an isolated summer which I think on many levels is a great thing.  Social interaction is a good thing, and in this day in age it is "the thing", but I think so much can be said for interacting with the real people in your life, it is a much better use of time.  We sometimes have to learn things as we age that eludes us as young people.  Family is the most lasting relationships of our lives.  People without, or that have turned away from their families, are so sad.  Funny in this politically correct day and age, you know the one that is ruining America, family is gettting kicked to the street, well maybe all of us individually can take a stand and put the importance back into family, what do you know it could catch on like a virus and grow.  So, the Ladies are spending limited time in town, the farmers market, sometimes they are at the Library, were in the reading program at the park but sometimes the better part of valor is knowing when flight or fight is the better option, this time flight was the route.  I was taught to take a stand when it is worth the effort of the end results, I am not afraid to do so and in this incident it was not, so no one should ever think I am not fully capable of standing and have taught my Ladies the difference.  Being humble is always the best, or the way God asks us to be, but God does say somethings are worth fighting for, you just have to pick your batttles carefully.  My Ladies can and do read at home, and anxiety never affects them their.  Choosing the best routes for our lives is an important part of being a Godly person and a loving member of a community.  I know who my friends are, the ones that are real and count, that is what I try to impart on the Ladies.  I think they are fine examples of what kind of a person you can be in this life, sad that so many of the children that are being raised in this day and age have no structure and are being raised as the center of their worlds.  They are being taught the lifestyle philosophy of "what can the world give me" when it is so easy to teach your children the attitude of "what can I do for others".  God does call us to be servants to our fellow man, a lost art in this current society......

I have no kids today, that isn't to say the grands won't be in an out, but I don't have to be tied to a six month old all day.  Yay.  Love her to death and enjoy the time we share, couldn't live with out the smile I get when she see me.  I get to share her failures and successes toward crawling, get to bath with her and help her understand that the water isn't really scary, get to hold her as she naps or make sure no one wakes her while she naps and I get something done, but today I get a much needed break.  I have soap to make, I keep burning up stick blenders so I picked up a paint stirrer, the one gallon size, and I am going to see if Poppies drill and it are a better option.  If so I can tell all the soapers I have found a new, stronger option for the stirring.  I do know the stick blender revolutionized soap making but unless you have a professional model, that cost big bucks and since I don't I am not sure they last any better, they burn up.  So soap today and the big trial, I do so hope it works.

Made cheese yesterday, washed cheeses, I have to get some wax and wax most of them.  I think some of them are good, or I would hope so, but no real way of knowing until time to cut them.  I think I may have some more that are parmesan, funny how if I screw up I still get good parmesan, not sure it can be called that as it is like champagne, it only really comes from one place in a foreign country but the resulting cheese or wine is still good, just not the real thing.  I have a week until the big party. 

We have cleaning to do, hoping to do the carpets today.  The deck, kitchen and front room.  Poppie and I have finally settled on the method we are to use to cook the whole pig, which will be harvested on Sunday, brined and then ready to roast.  We are going to do a pit and roast it on a large grille we are making. Poppie wasn't sure he wanted to turn a rotisserie all day or was sure about digging a hole and burying a perfectly good pig in the dirt.  If it turns out well we may make it a permenant addition to our yard.  We have some pumice blocks, but need to round up some more, have metal racks that will work for our needs so that is good. I am thinking I am going to do a pinapple marinade.  I think I will give Poppie a mopping sauce to baste with that will include pinapple so I think it will be a success, it will be a first try so lets hope it goes well. We are thinking there should be around the normal 45 to 50 guests.  We are blessed with great friends.  The kind that matter, the kind that are more like family than anything else, the kind that people had a hundred years ago, and not the superfical ones that people pander for in this throw it away and go on to the next thing or friend day and age... tomorrow.

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