Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Word, words, written, and spoken do you ever think about them or do you just say them?

Words are wonderful things.  Could we really live without them, would we even be without the Word?  Can we be who we are without them?  Do you ever think about words.  The Word was the beginning of all our existance and we are nothing with out Him.  Why would the bible refer to Jesus as the Word?  I don't know and have a life time to study on that but what about the words in our lives, of less importance than Jesus. 

One of our biggest milestones as an infant is our first word.  Scientist tell us, through research, what any mother that ever listened to her child already knows, that babies understand words long before they can say any.  I would imagine that should have been a common sense evaluation and didn't take a panel of researchers for us to know but over kill is the way of our society, along with the waste of time and money it came to make that simple conclusion.  Words, a step that a child takes into self, a self awareness that is like no other.  Words make us who we are from the minute we utter that first one.  What was yours?  Most say Mama, Dada, Utoh, or ?  Most languages have a word, or is it a sound when it is the first one that come from a baby, that is like mama.  Basics of language, at its root, seems to be the same in so many ways.  Did you know that babies long before they say that first word cry in the cadence of the language their parents and family speak, if that isn't awarness of language in motion I don't know what is.  My Booboo didn't say mama or dada first she was an "utoh" baby but then she did say something that was very hard for a baby to say, she said NaNa. N's are not usually easy for babies or a first sound.  When she was a little baby we hadn't changed to my being called Mama by the girls.  She was the one with her own little words that called me Mama around the time she turned one.  She called me NaNa for about three months then called me Mama,  from the words of a babe God told us our destiny.  Yogie soon after in tears said to me "why does Booboo call you Mama?"  I said "do you want to?" and with little tears streaming down her face and the shake of her head she became my daughter for all time.  A little tiny word changed my life.

Do words change yours?  Do words destroy or comfort you?  What is it in a word that makes it so ominous?  When I was little the song went "sticks and stone will break your bones but words will never hurt you"  what a farce.  An abused woman's bones heal and her bruises fade but a life time later the pain of the words of hate will bring her to her knees.  Words are the single most painful or glorious moments of our lives on so many levels.  Do you remember hearing "I pronounce you man and Wife"  what a moment to become a Wife, "You are my heart" by the right man.  That little "Mama" is like no other word. And I am sure the words of the passing of the love of your life will ring forever in the finally lonely days of your life, God willing I will never hear them, but then would not want to have Poppie undure the pain of hearing them so maybe I am strong enough to hear them... or maybe we can go together and only our children will have to endure them... I am glad the choice is not mine to make.

Words spoken are the best of times and the worst of times.  The written word is only a step lower in it's importance.  Do you write with the thought of it's repercussions in mind?  Do you live in a fantasy world and not contemplate the lasting effect of the words written or spoken in your life?  Are words something you even think about, is the Word something you have thought about?  I think that maybe words and the Word are something we all need to contemplate and maybe alot more than most of us would ever imagine.  I hope you choose your words well.  I have chosen the Word and try to think on my words as he would have me to....... tomorrow.

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