Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Whirlwind day, much needed fun, food and friendship reboot.

Poppie and the girls were such troopers they let me go on a girls get away day.  They stayed home to hold down the fort.  They didn't have it to bad, they had the 3 grands, Fairy Princess and Daddy's Boy so not a whole crew.  Bubbles was a bit fussy as she is used to her Nannie fix when Mommie has to work but she will get over it.  She now offically crawls but it isn't into high gear yet.  Today, the girls and Poppie get to escape, Nannie will have the kids all alone, lets see if I can do as good a job as they did. I have lots of cleaning to do,  only one week to the 4th.  Lots to do and so little time to do it.

Lady picked me up after 9:30 and the pace for the day was set. We headed in to Frenchtown for a dentist appointment at a new dentist.  He was a nice man, I think was liked and has already decided a crown is needed.  Future appointment made.  I meant the nicest girl, well woman with a one year old, who has family ties to the community here.  She was busy making her order for Bountiful Baskets and Lady got to make hers as well.  I am interested in them but think at this point, as they are not here in our community yet, they are a little out of my cost range and need to make sure to support my farmers market.  I will join and participate as soon as we can get them here, and during the fall and winter they will be more of an appeal for me. Dentist done the day was ours.

We stopped at Wallyworld for suckies for Bubbles.  Next we stopped for lunch at Noodle Express, hadn't been there, was scheduled to once with Little Sister but her baby got sick and we had to cancel. We stopped in at Murdocks and picked up Poppies wire for the rabbit cages.  Errands for others done we were a go.  Oh, I forgot one of the best parts, after the noodles we stopped and got the elixir of life, goooood strong brewed coffee and heavenly lemon cookies.  See, I told you it was one of the best parts.  We then hit the Costco, I got cream cheese packets to go with the girls bagels.  I hadn't know of the packets being available and Lady had mentioned them so have them and ready to go for saturday.  It was 2 ish but since we had no time parameters, except the waiting husbands and family at home, we were off to the Amish.  We got there and I got to share one of my favorite places, yes some of the whole foods are more expensive than some of the stores in Zootown, but the rest is not.  The variety of things you didn't even know you needed is the best part, and that everytime you go it is different as well.  Lady had never been and I think she is now hooked.  We picked up lots of fun things, and then we got some of the wonderful deli items.  Corned beef and swiss was the special so you know I got some for Poppie and the girls, got some of the Hutterite sauer kraut as well, I am currently out of my own, so Reubens was what was for dinner.  All the deli delicacys were well recieved by one and all.  We finished our day by coming down the cutt off and enjoying the beauty of the country that the Lord has given us here in Western Montana. 

Lady dropped me off, helped me pack in the items I had purchased, the Ladies and Poppie pitched in.  Lady picked up some mild simple soaps for her Grand Girl, I hope they work out well.  I packed out some jars she picked up from me and our day out and about was over.  I think it just made us ready for the next one we will get.  I hope you enjoy you life today,  life isn't about what you have or what you can amass, life is about what you give.  Giving of yourself is always the most important thing you can do for anyone.  I spent a special day with a special friend and we got to give of ourselves and that made it the most cherished of simple days.... tomorrow. 

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