Friday, June 29, 2012

Baking, baked kids, Poppie gets a dream and another day of the same....

The Ladies and I started the day on a good roll we had sponged the dark rye sponge the night before so finished it, kneaded it and set it to rise.  We made up a second batch of sponge for old fashion sourdough white.  I started a batch of bubble gum soap in the rebatching pots. (which I forgot about as I watched the kids in the pool and it bubbled up and over but did manage to save most of it)  Life was on track.  We decided to make sweet cherry pies from some of the cherrys we froze up last summer, to some of them we added some rhubarb and some sour cherries from our trees from last year, and in one last one we added an apple as we didn't have quite enough to make a last pie.  So new and exciting flavor offerings.  We checked on apples as we are out of the ones we normally pick and freeze from harvesting trees in the fall, they were too expensive and since we had to raise the prices of our pies this year due to the cost of fruits it was nice to come up with so many options.  Today we have to make three peaches from our stores in the freezer, we still have filling we made up for that purpose.  We have an order for one and then we are doing the two regulars.  We are hoping to make up bagels, with different toppings today, onion, poppyseed, sesame, and maybe some spiced ones.  We are going to make more plain as we got requests for more and we will finish with cinnamon and raisin.  We have cream cheese packets for them, Lady had suggested it and when we were in Costco on Monday I picked some up.  We are going to make a few pretzels and see how that goes, if they turn out well we will have them tomorrow, if not we will practice some more, picked up some mustards just encase we succeed.  Busy baking today.

We have kids today, it looks like there is a little cloud cover so that will be nice.  They all like the pools and as it is a nice part of summer it will be a blessing for them to be able to play in them. They all got a little red, well the ones that get red, even with sun screen on yesterday.  Poppie is going to finish putting in plants from Grandpa this morning, it is getting late in the planting season so he brought us some over run he had left.  He picked up the 14 chicks that the girls hatched out for him this week.  He sent 19 eggs, 16 hatched but two died and three didn't hatch so a successful hatch I would think, they are getting good at it this spring. 

Poppie helped Herbalists for a short time yesterday but didn't come home for the longest time.  I finally called him and he was at Fosters and Tinkers.  He had been working a deal with them on the van that we had gotten from Lady and Hubbie.  Poppie and Bug had gotten it running but we really didn't need all the space that it provided us.  Foster and Tinker had seen it and wanted it badly,  Foster offered Poppie a backhoe that he was going to cut for scrap as it leaked lots of hydraulic fluid.  Poppie was estatic that the gift from Lady and Hubbie was able to bring him suck a useful tool.  He was excited to make the exchange.  They finally got it home in the after noon, Poppie had come home ahead of them.  Poppie was checking it out last night and he doesn't think it has a many hydraulic leaks as Foster suspected it did, the tank is 3/4 full and has been sitting for years.  Foster has nicer big equipment to use so probably over estimated it uselessness, either way Poppie was blessed with something he badly needed to do manure work, hay moving and lots of other things. He usually has to beg the use of a small one from his Thor, and beg more help from Shinny with his, so  Poppie is plumb tickled pink and happy as a clam.  The Lord has truly given us friends and has blessed us through them. 

Shinny came over to pick up Curious and checked out the backhoe, he is of the mind that Poppie is right.  Poppie is going to drain the gas change it out and start it today,  he needs a 6 volt battery but will figure it out.  It looks to be in really good shape, only one owner, only 4000 hours of running time.  It is either a 57 or 58 with the original manual from the dealer the old owner bought it with.  Poppie has been truly blessed lately by the diligent care of older gentlemans loved maintance of their vehicles.  I can't wait until Poppie starts it he will be over the moon, it has good tires too, a blessing since they are really expensive.  I hope today you are as blessed as we are in this life..... tomorrow.

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