Monday, July 2, 2012

Nice weekend, no time to blog, friends, potluck and living I suppose.

The farmers market was smaller this weekend.  Grandpa went to Zootown for his last time this year, probably, but you never know with him.  Several other vendors didn't make it either.  The relay for life was friday night and that sort of makes for a smaller one usually, people spend all night up and are ready to go home and get some rest so that cuts down on it as well. The girls had made more items so had a few more to share at the end.  They actually sold more items but they aren't really old enough to make the conection that more at the end doesn't mean they didn't sell more.  I did ok with soap.  I got to visit with people I hadn't seen, or new friends, so that is the best part of my going anyway.  Lady Hero is back, she stopped at my booth but I didn't get a chance to visit with her, but glad she is back safe and sound from her service abroad.  She got to go see the wonders of the world and since I never will it is exciting to see the photos she posts and shares with the rest of us.

I got home from the market and got to rehome my soaps, Poppie put shelves in the living room closet for all my soaps.  It smells so nice when you open it up.  It is easy access for people who want to see soaps and it is nice and neat to have them all together and in their own place. 

Lady, Hubbie and their two wonderful grandkids came to see the animals.  They got to see the baby bunnies but since Grand Girl had been scratched by her aunts cat she didn't want to hold the bunnies they had scratchers as well.  She did pet them as Lady took her photo, grandma is still getting used to a new camera.  Grand Boy was excited to see all the bunnies but he seemed to like the balls and the pinecones better.  Lady tells me he will be a ball player of some kind when he grows up, he is barely walking good and couldn't help himself from kicking the cones with as much intent as any punt kicker who was looking to win the game.  He did like the baby swing, he was in the middle as Cubbie and Grand Girl swung on either side of him.  Grand Girl liked the climbing wall and the slide.  They have never played together before but given some time together the two little ladies would think up lots of trouble to get into I am sure.  Grand Girls liked the pigs the best of all the animal,  the baby piglets had been born just a few hours before but were up and ready for their company, when the squealed the new mama sure came to check so not much holding moslty looking at them occured.  We had a nice visit one and all.

The potluck at church was nice, the Preacher and men grilled, Poppie and the kids churned ice cream, it was very good.  The potluck was longer than normal so we didn't get home until around 3.  We relaxed sort of getting a reboot for the week to come.  The Preacher and Young Adult came by in the early evening to gift us with some apple wood they had gotten at Belle's. Young Adult is her son who has recently spread his wings and gotten his own apartment and goes to our church instead of going to Zootown with his folks.  He is becoming such a responsible young man.  Always a pleaure for Poppie to spend time with.

Boy got pushed out of the new play house by Cubbie and Mokie had to take him to the ER as they thought his arm was broken, it doesn't appear to be at this point but Bubbles had to come and spend time with Nannie while they were gone as Poppie and the girls were milking.  I had used all the milk to make cheese earlier, after we got home from potluck, so Booboo had to fill her bottle from the milking bowl, she was pleasantly surprised at it being warm.  Bubble sucked it right down and fell asleep in my arms, for future reference Bubbles likes her milk the best right from the teat.  The girls spent the night with Mokie and family so Poppie and I had a quiet end to a long nice day... tomorrow. (spell check is broken so I do beg you pardon for my errors.)

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