Monday, July 9, 2012

Cubbie has an unusually hero, or maybe it is a fasination, no definitely a hero.

Our Cubbie is a special little person in her own right.  She is as dirty as a mud pie most of the time and makes no excuses for it.  She is definitely one of the free range mugwumpys or maybe the queen of them.  She handles her brother like he is nothing and he out weighs her by half again.  She is physically alot like Yogie, their hands feel the same when they hold yours when you can't see which one is come, littler yes but all be it the same feel.  I have just discovered she is a little bigger built than Yogie at the same age, bigger bum, which did surprise me so I got to looking a little closer and she does have some of Booboos build about her.  They are double cousins so their genetics are all the same, funny Mokie's kids are more like mine than any of their half siblings.  I digress.

Cubbie has a heart of gold but can be as mean as a snake when she wants something.  She stirs my heart with such love sometimes for no reason, or because she misses me or maybe God just sends her, she will come out of the blue from where ever, the yard, her house or the pool, and just wants to cuddle with her old Nannie.  Makes my day, she doesn't do it when she is in trouble so I know it is a genuine need and love of a Nannie hug. 

Shortly after she turned three her mom rented Soul Surfer and she couldn't stop talking about the shark that bit off the girls arm.  I came across it on the satellite so recorded it to dvr.  She watches it none stop and has for all these past months. Her mom finally had to get her her own copy.  Well lately she has become obsessed with it on a new level.  We thought after all these months she would have grown tired of it but not our little Cubbie.  Recently she has gone to being Bethany Hamilton.  We find her with an old snow board in the yard, she will have her little arm in her shirt tucked up under her, usually the wrong arm, but there she will be laying on her board surfing.  She will be paddling along with her one arm gone singing, Bethany, Bethany, Bethany Hamilton.  I will say you have the wrong arm and she will quickly change it so she can be just right. Her dad was upset about it and said we needed to make her stop doing it, we told him it was a good role model and she was fine to have such a good example in her life.  I found an old grass skirt that used to belong to the triplets, that the girls never wore, I gave it to her, sure enough it is a Bethany Hamilton skirt.  She is so heartwarming.  Her hero is a girl that over came such odd.  I think at first she just liked the movie because the shark bit the girls arm off, she likes sharks and crocodiles and such, but I think she has truly develop an understanding of the endurance and strength of character that Bethany must possess.  Our little Cubbie has depth.  I over heard her say the other day "when my arm gets bit off by the shark "  like it was something to look forward to with anticipation.  I tried to explain to her that number one there aren't any sharks where she will be even in the river.  That she has basically no chance of having her arm bit off but she could love and be like Bethany with her arm, it wouldn't matter much that she had her arm.  She sort of understood, but  does still find her arm in the way. 

I have decided that I will find an address to write to Bethany Hamilton about our little Cubbie and the enormous influence she has had on our little three year old.  I know that Bethany has changed many peoples lives but maybe not just in the same way she has our little Cubbie.  Somewhere I have a photo of Cubbie being Bethany I will try and find it to attach to this blog, or I will take a new one as she is trying to do Bethany in the pool so I will probably have a new one on my camera today.  I think our little Cubbie is a remarkable soul on so many level, aren't I blessed to have her touch my life.... tomorrow.

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