Friday, July 20, 2012

This morning's massacre in Aurora Colorado, such senseless tragedy.

I was up around 2 this morning and the news of the massacre in Aurora Co was on the news.  It is so tragic that another one has occurred.  These events always come out of nowhere and each incident reminds us of the true evil that exists in this world.  The evil it would take to kill a three month old baby at point blank range is unimaginable.  I once was in a conversation with our lady sheriff, of the past, we were talking about child abuse.  I said "I can't imagine how anyone would do that."  She said "that is just it, whose who don't commit these kinds of act can't imagine it and have no comprehension of how or why it could happen.  Our minds don't contemplate these acts. It is only those who do them that do."  Her words quite often come to mind when I am faced with the horrors of what one human can do to another. 

We as American in some ways don't face the horrors of these types that often, not like the tragedies that occur in Africa or the one currently going on in Syria.  These shootings occur periodically and much more often than when I was a kid.  I remember the hearing about the shooting at University of Texas shootings in 1967.  It was so out of what we knew that its seemed news from another world.  Now we have had the Columbine shootings, Virginia State, and the ones at the army base in Texas, countless others and today we add Aurora Colorado.  Why we might ask?  I think that the religious community as a whole might have lots of reasons that the liberals would jest at.  The liberal will want to use this as a reason to take all our guns away which will not be received well by the people who value the right to have guns.  Really, why should you take the guns away, no one petitioned that we take away the child or wife abusers fist, both deadly, and both acts of horror used by the abuser most of us can't fathom, so why should the response be any different?  Oh, I forgot we live in a country where the rights of the few are so much more important than the rights of the many.  So by letting our many rights be taken away, regulated away or lawed away we are guilty of letting the people who might want to commit these kinds of act grow.  They no longer see that as a society it is unacceptable in a way that it once was, somewhere these murderers had a parent figures that said "oh, it is alright you are just rambunctious, lets give you a time out".  No one stood up and disciplined them, or saw that they were not right, they got passed on to the next person as their problem.  Parents, teachers, the military, college all of these institutes failed them.  Not one of these stop gaps cared, or they just thought it was too much trouble. They didn't have the balls to stand up and say lets give Johnny some structure in his home life, lets give him some morals and make him do things right, lets maybe take him to church and teach him about Gods plan for us.  No, we are raising children in a society where there are not true consequences for any of their actions starting from the time a child can walk.  We as a nation our losing our way, we are forgetting the things that made us the greatest nation on earth.  Now we are beginning to pay for it.  Sadly everyday more and more of our youth find it perfectly acceptable to hit people, shoot them, steal from everyone what ever they want, they do drugs as an escape from the real world.  Could the escape that they seek, be that someone anyone in their lives care about them enough to teach them morals, discipline and how to be a functioning member of our once great society.  Kids more and more seek the fake worlds of drugs and electronic games, so they can live in a fantasy where the world is more livable and for some reason better than the real world of their life.  Imagine that.

People teach your children first the love of God, then love from yourself and family.  Next love them enough to discipline them, no, letting your child be a free spirit with no rules and no empathy or compassion for others will not make them free spirited loving adults.  It will make them scary uncaring self centered people that abuse others, step on or over anyone to make a dime, that look for any and all amusements good or evil to entertain themselves, as they deserve to be entertained, and all things should be acceptable as entertainment, and I mean anything or anyone.... and even massacre.  Oh, sorry I just explained half of the population of the young generation and it will only get worse as we continue to be "the lets do it all and no one should not be ale to do anything they want to country"....  tomorrow.

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