Saturday, July 21, 2012

Home from the Farmers Market, No ladies but Bubbles and Cubbie.

We had a stellar Farmer's Market today, could have sold 4 more pies had we had them.  We are hopefully going to get some fruit from Washington soon, the lady that normally brings it in isn't going to for the market this year but offered to get us some when she goes.  It was a wonderful offer and we can't wait until she goes.  Our freezer could sure use the fruit.  We had to raise the price of pies this year due to the cost of fruit, we take it anyway we can get it.  We actually pick fruit on a couple of apple trees on the railroad right of way, but they were sparse last year so no apples.  We are hoping to go pick huckleberries tomorrow and our pie cherry trees are ripening.  Grandpa offered us some more rhubarb plants so we may just put in a few more plants.  We had strawberry rhubarb, sweet cherry and peach today.  I sold a bunch of soap so that was nice.  I am getting more and more regular customers, it is nice when they come back for more, that way you know they liked the first bars. 

I took Bubble with me to the market this morning.  Poppie and Son harvested 5 goats this morning and she would have made it so Son couldn't help.  She was good, slept for a long time then Yogie pushed her up and down the sidewalk in her walker, wore out the toes of her new jammies.  Mokie dropped
Cubbie off during her lunch time, she was good so that was a blessing.  I had lots of takers that bought my new laundry soap to try it out, a blessing. 

Grandpa took the girls home with him, he will drop them off later this evening.  They have to go to Church in the morning of could have stayed the night.  I have a freezer full of cooling goats, so will have to thaw out the pig tomorrow and then the goats and grind meat on Monday.  I am thinking that I will make up several packages of shanks, Poppie actually likes them slow cooked.   The rest will be ground into breakfast sausage, and some loin chops, though Yogie would like me to make up some summer sausage for Poppie to smoke, I may make a few rolls we will see.

We are hoping to go get a few burls and pick some huckleberries after church tomorrow. I may make up a nice picnic.  We could stop at the top of the mountain and looked down into the cut off from the rustic picnic table that has been there on the saddle of the mountain for probably 50+ years, as we eat our picnic.  Whatever we decide to do tomorrow it will be a get away and then we will come home and maybe hit the river.  I love days when no one has anything planned for you to do.  Have a great day, I hope yours is as rewarding as mine has already been... tomorrow.

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