Monday, July 23, 2012

Church, Booboo's special person, huckleberries and a picnic.

We had a nice day at Church.  During the portion of Church when we could share any blessings or praises to the Lord, I was amazed that Poppie raised his hand.  He wanted to praise the Lord for all the blessings he/we had received this year.  He thanked the Lord for the truck and the backhoe.  He wanted to make sure that the Lord knew that he was thankful for the blessings of both of these gifts.  We had a big struggle without our truck, which Poppie still hasn't gotten fixed but the Lord has blessed us with a new to us truck and backhoe, neither of them came to us because of our being able to purchase them.  They were given to us truly as gifts from God and Poppie felt the need to praise the Lord in a way that he never has or could have before.  The Lord is truly working in Poppie's life.  I am reminded of a statement that I read in one of Lottie Beth Hobb's books.  "anything which draws one closer to God is good; anything which leads one further away from God is bad".  We have endured many trails this year and they wore on us but in many ways harder on Poppie, as he is more a half empty sort of person to begin with, but through it all God was speaking to us, guiding us away from bad places, bad people or bad things in our lives, and in the end we have come through it with God. I do know beyond a doubt that when God allows us to have trials and be tested by Satan, through his emissaries, God has rewards for us in this life and more importantly we store treasures in heaven.  The last year of trials have certainly brought treasures to us and especially Poppie, and I don't mean the material items that Poppie can see, I mean the true transformation to God in Poppie that he can't see.... well maybe a little.

We had a special visitor in Church, Booboo has a dear person in her life, that ever since we started going to Chruch she has asked to come to Church.  The Preacher knows this person as well and had asked that they come to Chruch but they had never come before; to Booboo's great delight her special person came to Chruch on Sunday.  Preacher later gave Booboo a high five saying to her "sometimes it take the love of a child".  I don't know why the special person came, probably because God called to them but it did make Booboo's day to have her special person there at her side. 

We went hucklberring after Church, we hadn't been since before Poppie's accident 4 years ago.  We had tried but each time the Loasians had already picked our places out.  This year the harvest is large and a little earlier that normal.  We took a picnic lunch that we got at the store, cold chicken, salads, chips, teas and water.  We were off on a new adventure.  We found a good patch but it was a little picked over so we moved to one of Poppie's favorite patches and yay, we hit a really good patch.  We picked for a couple of hours, we hand picked as we don't have any pickers and we don't like how they tear at the plants, we got good half gallon.  Ok, so that doesn't sound like a lot but for hand picking not so bad.  The girls started out with gusto, Booboo soon gave up and whined about the brush, the bugs and the heat.  Yogie gave it a better try but eventually gave up, they probably picked a good cup, well a good cup that they didn't can on the spot.  They both ate a good portion, the only rule was that you can't eat any that are in the bucket, only the ones in you hand.  Booboo whine enough that we left for home about 5.  We stopped at a creek on the way down the mountain. We played in a culvert where the creek went under the road.  They had fun in the cool mossy creek after having picked the berries in the heat of the day.  We soon were home, Mokie and family had gone to the river with Bug.  They swam and picked crawdads from the river,  They brought back a batch to eat for dinner.  Booboo tried them, I gave them a hard time and told them they had to be carefully letting her eat shellfish, she is most probably allergic to them, she seems to be getting worse every year.  The crawdads didn't seem to bother her like the ocean shellfish do.  I told them to be careful anyway. 

We had a wonderful day all around, the Lord blessed our day on so many levels.  I can not count all the blessings that the Lord sends me every day.  I don't think that the best blessing have anything to do with material goods or things, the best ones are people, times and the unseen.  We received all of these yesterday, special people, a special time together for Poppie, the girls and I,  Mokie and family spent a special day together with Bug, and as they have never had a easy relationship it was a blessing for them.  The Lord so works in our lives we only have to open up to him and allow him in.... tomorrow.

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