Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A visit to the river, swimming and sand castles.....

We had been promising the girls to go to the river to swim since Saturday but due to afternoon thunder showers in the evenings we didn't get to go until yesterday.  The girls were more excited about the going than the getting in when we first got there.  Yogie jumped in right away but Booboo played on the rope, she didn't actually jump in from the rope she mostly swung out over the water for the longest time.  She let her sister have a go or two, and Yogie actually jumped into the river.  Yogie bumped her bum on the bottom of the river a time or two.  The rope is in a different place this year, I think the water is a little higher this year and should go down a bunch more before long.  The sand is a huge sand dune and the girls took full advantage of it.  They dug holes and played in the sand with the joy only a child can find in sand.  Booboo finally tipped her hat to why she was tentative to going in the water.  She saw the remnants of the old beaver house that used to be adjoining the sand bar and asked if there were beavers in the water.  I told her no, and showed her that their house was all washed away.  She must have been having flash backs to the floating trip last year.  A couple of beavers had jumped from the shore into the river near us and scared her.  Mokies foot had bumped her bum under her enter tube and she had come off of her enter tube like she had been shot out of a gun.  She with no care that she was in 10 feet of water jumped into the river and had swum to me in terror.  We had all had a laugh over her scare, well everyone but her, and she had laid like a board on her enter tube the rest of the trip.  No amount of assuring her that beavers didn't eat little girls would make her put her bum back in the water.  I, having surmised her fear, assured her anew that there were no beavers at the people's beach, the name of the swimming hole under the bridges.  She finally decided the beavers were no threat to her and began swimming like a fish.  I told them to go up the beach and swimming with the current so they could learn to take advantage of the current so that if they ever found themselves in the river, and is distress, they could use the current to push them to shore. I explained the being comfortable using the current and not afraid of it would help them in an emergency.  All in all it was a wonderful trip to the river, old mom never got in further than my waist.  I usually swim but it gets colder every year on this old body so will have to do better next time.  Poppie who doesn't swim well and never thinks of it a a form of fun didn't even make an attempt, didn't ever wear shorts. 

Today we are off to a 6 month check for three of the kids and Yogie has an ortho appointment.  We are hoping to get in and get home before the oppressive heat does us in. Nothing worse than a drive in a car with no air conditioning and the temperature is to be at almost 100, ok a few degrees less but oppressive none the less.  We have to pick up some flour, some peaches and sugar to make pies for the farmers market tomorrow.  Maybe some other fruit as well.  We have a request for mulit grain bread so will make sure to pick up some whole wheat, we have rye and cornmeal on hand, as well as some 9 grain cereals.  I think we have an order for whole wheat bagels as well.  I think the ladies will have renewed joy after taking a much needed week off from baking and the farmer's market.  Well up and at 'em we have to be in Zootown by 8:20, Yogie is milking now so we can go, they didn't get to milk last night and the 5 girls are not happy about it, they sure as shooting won't wait until we get home and no one wants to milk in the heat of the day anyway.  Have a great day.... tomorrow.

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