Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Books treasures of life, I spent the better part of the day reading or being read too.

Yogie lost the love of reading when her dear Mrs. Riebech was let go and she moved to St. Regis. She was so saddened by her going. There was something about her that just called to my girl. I have tried to restart her love but it has been a hard thing to accomplish. She went from winning the summer library reading program, for her age group, to finding reading a chore. She still reads but the love it definitely lacking. I gave them the option of reading one of three books this week, young histories of Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin or Merriweather Lewis. Booboo is off and running well into her book. Yogie is enjoying her book but still is dragging her feet. I know I will find her niche it is just something I have to keep at. I do so want to keep their reading up and the most important thing is that they put in the time.

I read most of the Daughters of Eve, no, it is not a naughty novel. Those of you that know me know I am an addict and though many of my friend have tried to convince me that it is in my head, those who know me no it is not. I will never of my own accord pick up a historical novel, romance novel or contemporary novel and read it. You would not encourage a crack addict to smoke one little pipe so please don't encourage me to read one, it would truly destroy my life in a way you can not imagine. I had so go through a lot to climb out of my addiction, no you are not supposed to laugh it was very real for me and my older kids suffered because of me. I digress.

I chose the Daughters of Eve because number one my great aunt is on the cover and I think for some reason God had decided it was my time to read it. I have been enthralled with it. My copy is from 1963, it is a the sixteen edition, it must have small publications or they were busy printing it is 63 as it speaks of stats from 1962. I have gobbled it up. It is about 25 most important woman from the Bible. It was written by Lottie Beth Hobbs. I am amazed at the cutting edge aspect of this book. It is all about the problems we are currently enduring in this modern times. It either means the book is times less or the times have not changed and the problems that were ramped in 1963 are still destroying our society. I do know that it is giving me such current insight to my life. I have only about 80 pages left to read this morning. I went on EBay last night and got a killer deal on the rest of her books, all 6 for 11 dollars. That is alot cheaper than buying one new book, so I am cheap and I can't afford to help her sell more but God will forgive me, as he knows I need the knowledge they have in them.

I got another copy of Daughters of Eve as well, the new ones have different covers and I want my girls to have one each with their Great Great Great Aunt, one less as they are adopted but all three of the greats at their births. She came to visit us about 15 years ago. She was a remarkable woman, she died about 2 years ago at the grand old age of 96, her sister is alive and well and 107. Funny the boys in their branch of the family don't make it past 67 with out surgery on their hearts but the girls live to the century mark regularly, you know I am living to 94 so will be right in line with the other ladies of my clan. She lived in Red China from 1928 to 1948, she was the wife of a Preacher, he was a wonderful man in his own right. He died four years ago, a finer Preacher I have never heard speak. While they lived in China, they had some of their children and did missionary work. They were thrown out in 1948 when the Chinese cracked down and closed up their country. My uncle was an avid learner and spent time learning to speak Mandarin Chinese while he was there. He decide after a time that his Chinese was up to par and decided to give his sermon in Mandarin. He got up to say the Lord's Prayer but his genuflect was wrong and he said "I left my pants in the field" I wonder how the people took his message, it has always been a funny antidote in the family but can you imagine his parishioners? What would they have thought of the odd American leaving his pants in a field? Did they think he was truly a Godly man to have done that or did they take it all in stride and laugh with him? or at him?

I am so blessed to have had the generations before me and the generation to come in my family. I am the richer for the people who made me who I am. Will I be an enrichment to the children in my future or the children I have touched in my life? I do know that the book has such insight into the ways I should go forward and has given me thoughts about the life I have and will lead from here forward. I have done somethings well, and something not so well, but I have always tried so that would make me human. Looking forward I must just remember that each day I get a clean new page from God with all the possibilities still attainable on it..... tomorrow.

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