Thursday, July 19, 2012

A baby shower, a nice ladies evening, with love for a new baby and Mommy to be shared.

The Ladies, Mokie, Bubbles and I went to a baby shower last night.  Cubbie got to stay home with her dad.  Sometimes getting away from Cubbie is a good thing, she got to play with her dad and brother while we got to go to an event she would have been to busy for.  Bubbles got to be passed around and enjoyed, sort of preview of what will be soon coming into the honored mommy to be's life.  She enjoyed all the people and let everyone that wanted to play with or hold her have a go.  Mokie had made the cake for the shower, it was  a rubber ducky in a cupcake pond.  It was well received and she did a wonderful job.  I had bought her the mold several years ago when I made the cake for Cubbies shower, Mokie had so wanted the mold, she makes cakes and collects the 3d pan as well as other cake pans. 

The Mommy to be is the nicest young lady and is so looking forward to have her little girl come and join her and her husband to complete their little family.  All the guests gave her such nice thoughtful gifts. Some were hand made, some were gifts that were gifts from their childhood and shared memories to a special mom to be, while still others were much needed and well thought out gifts especially purchased with the new child in mind.  It was a nice affair and all got to know each other a little better in an intimate loving setting.  It was the first Church style baby shower I was ever at.  It was a lot like the family ones I have been to but it was a family shower with the Lord front and center in its make up.  The mommy to be's mother in law came to share the evening with us which was very nice.  We played a few games that were planned with the fun of all in mind,  one game even had a separate category that was just for the three pretweens in mind, which was nice that the hostess, Piano, to have though of doing.  All the little girls came home with a gift in the end, though one actually won two of the games. 

It was a nice get away and just an all around nice time with nice friends who cared that you came.  The mommy to be was showered with love, gifts, prayers and hopes for her new baby and in the end that was the best part.  The Lords works in ways only he can know and it was just a nice evening with no egos, no strife and no expectation but love of a special young lady with the whole of her mommy hood to come..... tomorrow.

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