Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poppie picked the cherries, tilled, harvested and totally overdid it. Nothing new.

I got home from the Farmer's Market with Bubbles and Cubbie.  Cubbie was raring to go, she immediately went to help Poppie, Son and Boy skin out and gut the goats.  The ones from the Herbalist were very wild, I do understand on a new level why goats and pigs are the most likely animal to go feral if given a chance.  They don't need us and only put up with us if they like us, and if they are never allowed to like us, they don't.  The three buckling had never been handled and they didn't like us on any level.  Son manage to dispatch them but his gun, from his dad, was a disaster.  I am going to be buy Poppie a gun, a small hand gun probably or maybe a 22 250 we will see but he is definitely getting one soon.  They harvested 5 and got them into the freezer to cool down.  I am going to cut, grind, maybe can and sausage them on Monday, with the pig I have in the freezer.  I should get a nice mix and quantity of meat.  It will all be as organic as we can manage so nice and we will know what is in, that is even nicer. 

Poppie came in and had coffee with me, I spend about 20 minutes unpacking the car, from the Farmer's Market so was ready to share a cup with him.  Now that I think about it he had ice water, as did Boy and Son.  I got Bubbles to sleep just before they came in so Son asked if she could stay as he was going to go take a shower and do some things with the older two kids.  I said she was welcome to stay but he could take Cubbie and Boy home.  I needed a day away.  She slept all afternoon. Poppie went out and picked the pie cherry trees.  Once he got done doing that he tilled his garden, he has spent the better part of the week weeding the garden, giving all the weeds to the goats so the he could till.  He had decided that he didn't want to waste the perfectly lovely weeds.  His garden does look very nice.  It is so much nicer to have it fenced, the whole structure of it this year is different, no trails across it where Cubbie and Boy come and go.  The garden is better too this year as we dumped alot of mulched manure on it so it is really growing well.  Poppie ended up overdoing it, as usual, once he gets his panniers in an uproar you can't get him to stop until way after he has done so much he will be in pain later, he only remembers the pain when it hits him, then wonders why I didn't say anything.  I did he just wasn't listen, he is never going to change.  I guess he will always be a work in progress.  Poppie has promised me lots of veggie to can, can't wait.  I have so many plans.  I am out of pineapple so will need zucchini's, there will be green beans, cucumbers for pickles, cabbage for sauer kraut, hopefully I can make some soups.  Tomatoes for canning, salsas, and maybe some for raspberry and strawberry jelly.  I will have peppers to pickle and salsa,  okay I digressed but it was a good digression...

Off to Church before long and then we are going to take the Ladies huckleberring, burling and on a picnic.  It will be nice to go to a top of a mountain, it is cooler up there and there is nothing pressing and no needs to fill, other than having fun.  We are going to pick some nice burls out of the many we spotted last time we went.  I hope to find a few nice ones for the deck, maybe a few for art pieces, or a cane or two, probably no small ones which will be sad but we can try to find one. Huckleberries, to pick and eat, Poppie doesn't like to eat them just likes to pick them, come to think of it he doesn't like pie cherries either.  He does do the best job at picking so that is probably a blessing.  We are in need of a woods fix so will be out there taking all we can in..... tomorrow.

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