Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What was the best day ever? Have you already lived it? If so how sad.

I read a survey once that said that when a group of senior citizens were asked "if you could be any age again what age would it be?"  The answer was 50.  They gave the answer that they owned their houses, their kids were grown and they could just enjoy their lives.  It was a reasonable and interesting answer.  A friend of mine just posted the statement, "Often the reason people are unhappy with their lives is because they see the past as better than it was, and the present as worse than it is."  How sad is that? but so true.  I do know alot of people who live their lives this way.  The couch potatoes who remember their glories days, they were the head cheerleader or the captain of the football time, the best time of their lives.  Now they lay on the couch bemoaning their lost youth and swelling beer, boring people with the wonderful doings of the jocks they were or the boys that wanted to date them.  I can't imagine that the best day of your life was in high school, not even an adult yet.  How very sad.

Really, what was the best day you ever had?  Have you ever thought about it really?  I am not sure I ever really have.  I think maybe that in general most of us don't . We are too busy looking toward that day as it hasn't yet come.  I do know that in my life the best day I ever had hasn't come yet.  I do know that there have been close seconds though.  I could say the day I meant Poppie was one of them.  It was a day of such future hope and thought of things to come, okay so most of you don't believe me but I knew the moment I saw him that he was the one that God sent and made just for me, I was so overjoyed to see him to the bottom of my soul, I remember like it was yesterday the instant I meant him.  I could say the day I was married, the day I became a mother, each and every time, all the second best days ever.  So, I have lots of second best days ever, they all were,  well maybe some were the third best day, now that I think on it but....  I remember the day I was baptised, I would say right up there, whatever number it was, I will see the day Poppie is a such as well.  I remember the day that Poppie had his accident as one of the best days ever, not because he was hurt but because God spared him and let me keep him in my life, as God knew I wasn't able to go on without him.  I jokingly say, well maybe it is not a joke but a promise from God, but anyway, I say that we are going to go in our sleep at 94 in each others arms.  I think we just may, if not it is a good dream.  Maybe that will be the best day ever.  My grandmother Gladys used to say if we knew how wonderful heaven really was we would kill ourselves to get there, but then we wouldn't get to go if we did so it is better just to let God decide when we get to go. 

I think that maybe in the big picture we aren't supposed to have a best day ever, I think that life is supposed to be a never ending roller coaster of good days and bad days.  If you really had your best day ever in the past how sad the future would be, I think the people who have had their glory days and have not gone forward are the saddest, they are depressed lonely mean spirited people that have lost God in their lives.  Life is about the adventure of tomorrow, the joy of a future child's smile, a flower that hasn't yet bloomed on a crag at the top of a mountain you will someday climb.  The last kiss from the man you spent your life with as he goes on to live with God and awaits your coming to join him.  It is the hand that holds yours as you pass on to glory knowing that God guided your life and that you made everyday a best day ever..... Life is or shouldn't be about what was but should be about the possibilities of what could be and what is to come..... tomorrow.

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