Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Laundry soap bottled, baby bunnies delivered and the biggest saddle horses you ever seen.

I gathered up all of the laundry bottles that I have been gifted with in the last year.  Yogie and I, water in hand, a large kitchen pan and gel, so off we started on our mixing adventure.  Yogie stirred as I poured in water and scoped gel into the pan.  She is an exuberant stirrer, you might say, she can whip it, whip it good, so the soap soon had a creamy froth of what looked like whipped cream on the top of it.  It doesn't pour well with all the lovely air in it.  I had to explain to her that had we been making whipped cream she would be the queen of whipping but with soap whipping was not so good.  She soon got her stirring to a more soft and less excited state.  We ended up filling 4 bottles with a lemony citrus clean smell, 3 with a melony smell, and 3 with a lilac breeze smell, we also have some none scented to bottle this morning and one 48 ounce container of gel that actually worked quite well as dishwasher soap.  I was glad of that, I had been trying to figure our something that worked well for the dishwasher, had tried combos of borax, washing soda and Tsp phosphate.  None of them worked all that well for me.  I am not a prewasher when I use the dishwasher, I don't see the point in washing the dishes to "wash" the dishes.  The gel worked well the three loads I tried it in, I am thinking I may next time add some tsp is I find that it doesn't consistently clean, but so far so good. 

I am going to make up some cold process soap today, isn't that fun now I have to actually specify cold or hot as they are so different and both usable options of success.  Still yay.  I have a bunch of milk to use up, thinking a marathon of soap making today, well if my arm holds out and the drill is here, I do have to get Poppie to make the holder for the drill, still not as efficient as the stick blender but the cost of not burning one up regularly priceless, and my arms do need the work out. 

I was in the middle of pouring soap into bottles yesterday when Booboo came in excitedly saying that Ruby the rabbit was having babies.  We knew she was due but she never pulled any hair so thought maybe she hadn't actually taken.  I got out there and sure enough she was having babies on the wire.  I sent Booboo to get some timothy hay and I got a step ladder to be able to reach into the cage.  She had two babies, both cold, one large and crying, one small oddly shaped and breathing.  Booboo handed me the hay and I fashioned a nest and put the two babies in it, and a fast a you could say 8 more babies they were there, I picked them out from under her in a steady flow and she delivered them.  One was born dead, and the little one that was oddly shaped didn't make it but a successful kindle to be sure.  She never had a problem with me handling the babies and helping her, later she was not happy with Poppie when he picked the oddly shaped one out of her nest, I had taken the dead one right away but left the little one as it was breathing.  She never did pull any hair but did make a nice nest with the hay.  It must have been to hot for hair, rabbit raising is still a new experience for us.  We will learn as we go I suppose.  The babies are all "blue" satins, the momma is red and the dad is blue, we thought we would get a mix but they all appear to be blue.  Fun to have some color all our other bunnies are white with pink eyes.

The girls, grands and their friends have spent the last three days riding the biggest giant horse I would imagine have ever existed.  I couldn't find the girls yesterday and their they were on the top of the hay bales.  Each bale is 1200 pounds and they are laying on their sides under the tree by the drive.  The kids ride them like they are out on the prairie on a great adventure.  They actually have to jump from the garden wall to get onto the bales.  It is nice to see them using their imaginations the way we did as kids, and I would imagine much like kids have for 100's or 1000's of years.  It is refreshing to see that three bales of hay could bring such joy, exercise and non electronic fun.  I haven't been told where they have traveled but it must be to a place of true joy and fun as I haven't heard much squabbling or fighting. I would say when they are all riding across the great plains bareback, sometime double, and not fighting that life is good.  I wonder where their steeds will take them today?  It looks like it could rain a little but as the bales are under the tree and saddled with black plastic there stallions of adventure will stay dry.  I hope you have adventures of a child today, nothing is more innocent and exciting.... tomorrow.

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