Friday, July 6, 2012

Campers braved it, still tired, exhaustion was a surprise. Today we get to be at ease...

I woke up yesterday around 5 after getting to bed around 1 so I don't know if it was the complete lack of sleep or just true exhaustion that set in.  I didn't have a drop on energy all day long and spent a great deal of the day in a daze on the couch.  Bubbles was dropped in my bed around 7, with not bottle, so it took about half hour to get Son to wake up open the door, he requires it be locked, so the girls could get the bottle.  Mokie was in trouble from one and all, she in never allowed to leave her with out the bottle again, she can take her with or get the bottle but no leaving Bubble without the bottle.  Once she had a nice long nap she was pretty good the rest of the day.  The kids ate all the left over corn, well except for the ones Poppie has to cook, some of the watermelon, lots of people brought it so we have a nice supply of it.  I managed to chop the pork up and mix it with barbecue sauce but as I had no energy to put it in jars I had Poppie put it in a the freeze to stay cold until today, no frig room and the pan fit it the deep freeze.  I was a slug and laid and dozed on the couch most of the day. 

Mokie came home from the dentist in the after noon.  Booboo's best friend come over and the girls actually played well together and planned a camp out in the camper.  I had my doubts about the outcome, as I am sure Booboo's friend mom did as well, she has only manage to actually spend the night once in about 10 tries,  not luck this time either Mom got called to retrieve her around 8.  I was happy that the three girls manage to play together very well, maybe having to understand that three is a hard number and they should make an effort helped.  I have just the grands today so that will be nice.

I have probably got about 14 jars, maybe less maybe more, to process today.  I do have to actually make cheese today as well.  I am still tired, funny how you never seem to catch up once you get to a certain point of tiredness.  I really want to go in the woods tomorrow, but will probably have to go get hay, but it will at least be away. 

The Ladies had their camp over, we noticed they braved it with out the lights on so they did well.  I am told that Yogie fixed her bunk up just right, but haven't seen it yet.  The kids were in the pool most of the after noon yesterday and I am sure today will be not different.  The lazy days of summer are upon us, sometimes it is just nice to go with the flow and re energize...... tomorrow.

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