Thursday, July 5, 2012

Today is a work day for most but today I rest....

We ended up with a nice showing of friends and family.  There were about 45 total, so in some ways more than usual and in some way less.  It is always fun to see the mix we will end up with. This year we had some that had never come before and missed some who are usually a part of the fun. Poppie did fairly well for his first time cooking a whole pig.  We is already planning the changes to make it better for next year.  The brisket was good but not his best, he probably wasn't as diligent this year having a new meat to conquer. We had fireworks until midnight so all were tired and dreading that they had to get up and go to work in the morning.  Wednesday is surely the worst day of the week for the 4th.  We all had a blessed time, friends to visit, family to visit, good food to eat and share, and the knowledge that we live in the best country on earth.  We enjoy freedoms that others only dream of having, we have to remember that we have these freedoms at great cost and should never take them for granted or we may not having them in the future.

I have milk to make into cheese this morning, and pork to make into barbecued pork and can.  Yay, something to do with my pressure canner.  I am actually looking forward to do this so it will be fun.  This pork is precooked so that will be a different process than when I do raw so it will be a learning experience.  I have cheese to make as well, I made a nice batch of dill feta the last time.  I let Little Sister and Lady try my chipolte feta and I think they liked it as much as Drama did.  It is a bit hot so is not to every ones taste but a success none the less.

We are not doing the farmer's market this week, we have decided that we are in need of a break.  It seems the whole year has been one thing to the next and we haven't had a minute to catch our breaths.  It seems funny that for people that actually never have to be anywhere at anytime we never have a moment to do anything spontaneous.  We are going to do something just for us for the next few days.  I told the girls that if we can't go camping we are going to go camping in the yard.  We can roast s'mores and maybe weinees.  We will make an adventure in our own yard if we must.  I don't know we may jump into a chalk painting or ride a carousel horse in the darby, who knows the possibilities are endless... enjoy your day and cherish the freedoms you have to do what ever you want.... tomorrow.

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