Sunday, July 8, 2012

Booboo makes canned 5 bean salad. Dark is good. Free range childern.

Booboo and I had soaked beans the day before so we had 5 bean salad to make yesterday.  She was so excited as it was her first time canning anything.  She took wax and green beans out of the freezer from last year.  We thawed them and they were nice and crisp.  We boiled up the garbanzo, kidney and black eyed peas to tender.  Booboo sliced onions and pepperoncini's, we didn't have red pepper and had a nice jar of the pepperoncini so substituted.  She mixed the spices, vinegar, sugar and water setting it to simmer.  Once the brine boiled we skimmed the onions and pepperoncini's and added them to the bean and mixed.  Booboo filled the jars with the mixer then poured the brine over top.  We water bathed them for 15 minutes.  All 9 quarts sealed up nice so we will have many a nice salad to feast upon. 

I made feta after Booboo's bean salads were done sealing.  I had showered in a hot shower when I got up hoping to relieve my headache and it worked until about noon.  I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting as quiet as I could. I did have to go see Poppie start his backhoe.  It started right off like he had shut it off the night before.  It has one pin hole leak in the hydraulic system.  Poppie is so blessed to have it, he ended up saving a wonderful antique that has many an hour left to work left in it.  The Lord surely had a gift that needed a home and Poppie was the proud recipient. Poppie is seeing so many gift from God this year, he is see the blessing for having endured trials,  that the Lord blesses those who endure persecution with, and that faith in God leads to God taking care of our needs.  By faith we are blessed and God takes care of his own, we can do so little and God can do all.  Poppie is seeing faith in action in away he never has before it is so rewarding to see his transformation.

I watched a piece on the news this morning about helicopter parents.  I have always found that tendency of we baby boomer to be such as disturbing.  I do know that I am guilty of it only in the aspect that I was afraid of my kids being out in the world with strangers, so mine have never been allowed to roam the streets. I have always know where they were, at most times, even as teenagers the older kids had to tell me where they were.  Some times I even knew where they were to be even if it was a party, they were teens after all.  I know that sounds bad but I would rather know where they were than wonder, and all kids eventually sneak to a party anyway so it was comforting to at least know they were there.  They also felt comfortable talking to me about the big stuff, alcohol, sex and drugs that way.  I would rather they felt they could talk with me than out learning it from other "experts".  So I don't think I really qualified at a helicopter  parent.  I mean the ones the wanted to be one of the girls and go to the mall with her daughter, oh not just the two of them, but dressed as one of the girls and be friends with her friends.  I never took them to college and then called or managed their lives on a daily bases, ok so none of them went to college but you know what I mean.  Those are the helicopter parents I am talking about the ones who couldn't step back and let their kids be kids.  They also never said no to their kids, never allowed their child to fail and still micromanage their adult child's life, they just hover over them and never allow them to become independent.  The news article says that these kind of parent not only hurt their children but they hurt themselves, they become depressed, clinically.  Imagine that more research on the obvious, so I wonder how much that cost to figure out.  I am much more a free range parent.  I have always let them be free little spirits, I think like a free range chicken a little dirt, fighting and sunshine goes a long way.  Letting the grand kids walk back and forth from their house to our helps them to conquer their little world.  I think that living through you child is a big mistake.  We as a generation have forgotten that perfection is not possible and depression is a result of not raising that perfect child.  Perfect children are over rated people are meant to be a faulty creatures it is called being a human so why would you paddle up stream to attain something that is not possible.  I am lazy I like the free range dirty little mugwumpys that have blessed my life... tomorrow.

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