Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back to the Farmer's Market today. Hope it doesn't pour rain on us. Hay day.

The ladies sand I will be back to the farmer's market today.  We are definitely taking the pop up tent/gazebo, nice that we have it.  I hope the rain holds off a little I know we need it but no one, or only a very few brave souls, come to the market in a monsoon.  We didn't make bagels or pretzels this week.  We only really baked alot of Friday.  We made breads only on Thursday.  We have a nice regular assortment of breads, pies, rolls and foccocias.  Today we have some hay coming we found a farmer in Huson the grows timothy hay, which is wonderful hay for goats that delivers.  We thought his deliver fee was more than fair especial since we still don't have a truck to drive.  The new to us one has to be licensed and Poppie has to get it a power stirring line and change the tires on it.  It will be a fine work horse for getting fire wood in the  near future but for now it will be nice to have the hay brought to us.  We are thinking if we like the hay we will stick with him.  We couldn't even think of the big bales before we got the backhoe, it is such a blessing already in our lives.  We truly do appreciate the people who's generosity combine to make it a reality in our lives.  I think one of the things so many people miss about having faith in the Lord, and trying to do the right thing, is that the trials and how we endure them, can truly bring the rewards of the Lords blessing.  So many people dwell on the bad that they forget that once the Lord allowed Job to be tested he rewarded him. I know I am not the person Job was; but I am one of the Lords and he will and has rewarded us for our faith and endurance and will continue to do so.

Bubbles was with me yesterday, our new regular day is now Friday.  Her little smile is always such a reward.  She is now crawling up consistently to the couches, the swing and anything else she can get a hold of.  She is also learning that "no, you will fall" has merit.  She will  look at you decide not to try and then look for you to smile that she was good and deserves a smile as her reward.  She will then give you her glorious tooth grin.  She has learned how to step forward if her foot starts to slip back wards while standing,  she has navigated that she has to step in ward if her legs start to spread unduly apart.  She does still take a nose dive once in awhile and it is heartbreaking to hear her agony when her face hits the floor.  No bruises, a hug and a cuddle and she is back at it with gusto.  She like her sister and Yogie will be walking by nine months, such go getters they are.  Yogie to this day is my explorer she just wants to see what she can do next, I am so glad her current challenge is milking, animal chores, and gardening.  I do wish she would revisit her exploration of books with the love she once had, maybe it will come again.

The coffee is coming, the car has to be packed with goodies and soap.  Off to the market, hope to visit with friends who come by even if the rain does come.  I am sure we won't melt and I hope they remember they won't either.... tomorrow.

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