Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Today we celebrate the birthday of America, the 4th of July, do we still have true independence, the kind it was founded on?

Today we have our annual 4th of July party, any and all are welcome, well there is one exception but I will not digress.  I think that liberty, independence, freedoms, and Republic vs European socialism have been much in the news of late.  Is this country the country that the forefathers envisioned.  Or is it so alien from their thoughts and values that they would be aghast and appalled?  Did our forefathers die for naught? or is it still the country with the most personal freedoms on earth?  Are we allowing it to be ripped from our hands?  Do the "freedom from religion" groups now out way the values of the God fearing?  Is marriage going to mean what God intended it to to our grand children's lives?  Will they be able to protect their homes with their guns as the 2nd amendment intended?  Are we soon going to be taxed as a way of getting it by on everything, bought broccoli lately? well you better or they may enact a tax because you didn't or couldn't afford to, just like health insurance.  Why is it that the dems think that bigger government is better and that we should be regulated, lawed and ruled at our every move and to our graves?  Dems are supposed to be the liberal political vehicle so why is it that their platform wants to control all of our lives in such minute detail? They say they want everyone to be free to do anything they want to but then they tax it, regulate it,  or politically correct it to where no one even knows where they stand.

I find it funny that so many of my friend have no idea what their political views really are, this is true young or old, from 81 to 18.  Usually the ones that don't have a clue say they are independents but when you asked them what their particular views are they don't really seem to actually know what an independent really is.  Oh, some of them are really truly independents that actually vote the issues, the candidates and not just along party lines.  They know that they don't have a political vehicle that fits them and they have my respect.  However there are alot of people out there who just don't vote, so they claim to be independent, or they don't actually know what the republican or the democrat stance is so they say I am an independent, meaning that if they vote they vote for some of each with no knowledge of why they do.  I understand that kind of voting but what about the independents who like to say they are independent but always act as radical left wing democrats, or they are right wing conservative republican or tea partiest but just don't know it or maybe won't admit it?  I think that they bug me the most.  I actually heard some one the other day say "I like the tea party they are more independent than the republicans"?  really?  did they even try to find out what the tea party was all about?  No, the tea partiest aren't independent or moderate republicans.  How about the young people who claim to be independent voters but sing the song of woes of the OWSist.  really do they even know what an independent is?  I love that there are independent voters, I love that their is the freedom to vote or not to vote in this country and still have a right to debate the out come.  I, myself, almost always lean toward the democratic candidates on the school issues and I always read the bills to know what I am actually voting for so no I am not a blind partisan voter.  I am not an independent I am a republican.  I don't like bigger government, I don't lean toward socializing our country but I do believe in taking care of the poor and the elderly, so I am a moderate republican, much to the dismay of the Preacher, I am sure.  I think it is great to be anything you want in this country but I do think you should actually know what it is you are.

Today we celebrate the richest most free country that ever was and maybe still is.  Do you know that even the poorest among us, even those who make around 20 thousand a year, and of course those who make more are in the top one half percent of the riches people on earth.  Really, I heard that statistic the other day and was shocked.  We almost to a man are in the top one have percent of wealthiest people in the world, that means that 99 point 99 and one half of all the other peoples in this world make less than you do, so that really kicks the OWSes 99 percent right out the window doesn't it? We are all the half percenters and the rest of the world is the 99.99.5, now are you ashamed of all the complaining you do? We need to remember all the advantages that we have been afforded in this country.  We need to give back a little and stop whining about what we don't have and remember that we are the half percenters, if only the OWS really did their home work they might shut up get off their butts, and if they practiced what they are preaching, they would be happy that they are so wealthy, blessed and give back. It gave me a new perspective on my own life, really in the top half percent and no, that does not make me more concerned about the one percenters of the half percenters, money is just paper, people are what makes a real difference.

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