Thursday, July 12, 2012

Are you just living you life? I try. Do you play it by ear or have a schedule or do you have resolve?

I find the older I get the more I try to just live and let live.  I don't mean in the way the hippies did, so I am not living a life of anything goes.  I am also not of the persuasion of the new trends of all things should be acceptable except those things which we have decided shouldn't be allowed because they might hurt someones or somethings feelings.  I actually have heard lately that you can't call your pet a pet anymore because it is offensive and hurts his feeling.  There is also a new group trying to politically correct the word, "illegal alien"  it is offensive for you to call them that now.  Ok so what do we call people who come into our country illegally, destroying the chances for people who come legally's rights  and chance to come. What do we call the people we have to put through college when we can't afford to send our own, what do we call people who get to vote because they don't want to get an Id, because they can't, to vote.  Why is it that we should have to give them anymore? or respect when they have stolen so much from our country?  Why is it that my ancestors had to come legally, and worked hard to do so, but now I am asked to give respect to the group that didn't  and stomps on all the rights of the ones that worked hard and did. Maybe  we will have to call them "differently nationed  children" or "non natives who are screwing over our system"? is that politically correct enough... I digress.  I just get a little upset that you can't have pray, or even a silent moment, in a public place or class room because you might offend someone but you have to allow illegals, and pay for them, you have to allow the gods, of any other nation, respect but not the "IN God We Trust" of our forefather a moment of respect.  An atheist is allowed to not have to see the 10 commandments, really some judge is going to allow 6 commandments to be displayed but not the other four as they are the bad ones that talk about God.  Sadly this is what our country is coming to.  I am not looking forward to the time when God turns his back on us as a country like we as a country have turned our back on him.  We as a country need to grow a pair and stand up to the insidious erosion of Gods presence in our country.  I am not talking about the separation of church and state.  I, believe in that, but since when is school "the state"?  Since when is a mountain with a statue on it "the state"?  I think the liberals have spent a lot of time making the whole country 'the state".  Yesterday I watched a news dispatch about a man in Arizona the was arrested for having a bible class in his own home.  They put him in jail for 60 days because he was running church.  Really? his neighbor could have a Tupperware party with more people that parked on the street than he had but when he had a bible study and all the cars were parked in his own drive way the city said he was breaking the law.  I would be very afraid if I lived in his state and town.  Is that really what we have become as a country, oh, I forgot it is ok in the same state and town to have a gathering of Islam and no one got arrested.  I really have a probably with the way that our country has gone from exalting the Lord, to saying if you want to show any respect for or appreciation for the Lord you are the enemy of state and your rights are less important than the "illegal alien", the atheist, GLAAD, or the children of Islam.  Sadly the dark side of this life is winning and the good people who want to be milquetoast, and not hurt anyone are allowing it, promoting it and haven't a clue what the consequences of their folly will be....

I find that the older I get the less inclined I am to get on a proverbial schedule.  I don't know that I will ever figure out how June Cleaver ever managed it all. I guess it was the magic of tv and it was probably not attainable any way.  I do think that living is about how you live your life not how you live your daily life.  I don't really think that on Judgement day that God will asked me why I put the vinegar under the sink when everyone knows that it shouldn't have been right next to the pinesole.  I think God will be more interested in how I treated the ones less fortunate than myself, whether I taught my children to love and worship him.  I may be asked why I didn't fight for all 10 of the commandments to stand in the town square and why I didn't try and help those people who wanted a bible study in their living room though...... tomorrow.

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