Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sharing the huckleberry hunt, and a day of just being.

Poppie had gone and done it again, way to much,  we took the day off so to speak yesterday.  Poppie called the Preacher and Pianist, and their lovely daughter, to join us in a huckleberring trip.  We couldn't go until after Son got home, and then Preacher called to see if we could wait for their daughter to return from the Zoo. We managed to get going toward the mountain around 6.  Mokie and I had made an impromptu picnic to take along, barbecued chicken, baked beans, potato salad, watermelon and brownies.  We had the girls puzzle table, everyone needs one,  they are the nicest things to have, flat for travel and a table anywhere.  The day was one of the mildest we had had for a long time so it was a little chiller a little sooner than some would have like.  Preacher's daughter having just come from Texas was the most effected by the chill in the air.  She also had on shorts so she was very cold before we started for home.  All had a wonderful time, lots of picking was done, lots of each taking a turn entertaining Bubbles, Mokie, Me, Booboo, Yogie and even Cubbie had a go.  We all picked as many berries as time would allow.  We had a couple of vehicles pass by, one was Short's Love and her granddaughter, it was nice to see them up and about enjoying the woods, every one needs a woods fix don't they.

Poppie, the Ladies, Preacher and Pianist made plans to go back and huckleberry again this morning.  Preacher had suggested 8, Poppie had thought 9 and Pianist thought she would like to go at 8:30 so 8:30 it is.  I will be home cutting, grinding and wrapping meat, well some of that will happen before they return, I actually have 6 carcasses so I will make some head way.  I am not allowed to use the band saw until Poppie returns so I will get what I can done and ready for his return.  I hope they all have a nice morning and pick lots of huckleberries.

We didn't actually get the milking done last night as it was dark when we returned home so it will be needing done as soon as they get home, or maybe I can con Mokie into helping them, and we can do it while they are gone, we will see.  I am hoping to get a batch of soap made this morning as I will be in the kitchen and I can just set it to mixing in my kitchenaide.  It is slower that way but it can mix was I work with the meat.  I froze milk for 10 batches to be made this winter, will freeze more but have to get some more freezer bags.

 I think the girls have decided they want to go to the river later.  I gave them the option of going to the swimming pool for the Library party later or the river and Yogie said she much prefers to go to the river, I can't blame her and it is a decision of strength I would say on her part.  She knows what she is giving up but her freedom to make the choice is a strengthening and empowering choice.  I think that giving a person empowerment of self is always a positive especially when it is a freely made choice.  Sad they will have to give up something but then it must have been important to her as she made the choice with such joy and power.

Off to a day of living and being, sometimes that is the best kind of a day, one given to us by God with no rhyme or reason just doing... tomorrow.

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