Saturday, July 7, 2012

No farmers market for us today, hope to escape for awhile this afternoon.

I ended up with 10 jars of pulled barbecued pork yesterday, one didn't seal so will have to be used.  They look super.  I can't wait to can a bunch of anything.  I find that just the act of using my pressure canner is so addictive I set myself up with more to can.  I can't wait until I have stuff to can so I don't have to make up something to can.  Today, or this morning, I am going to can some three bean salad and maybe some baked beans, I say I had to make it up because I use dried beans to make them.  I can't wait until the garden gives me offering to can.  I will be able to cut my grocery bill down so much.  I have a pig in the freezer that I am going to process this week.  We harvested it several weeks ago and put it in the freeze right away to cool it and I didn't have time to process it so this week is the week.  Hope to get some stock and some canned meat as well as the frozen packages. 

I still didn't get the cheese done so it will be first thing this morning.  I have woken up with the worst headache the last two mornings.  I thought I had slept wrong on my pillows the first night but I made sure I was more even last night on my pillows but have the same result this morning.  My neck is really killing me where my head attaches to it.  Causes the whole head to really hurt.  Iburporfin doesn't really help.  We are not going to the farmers market today, week was too long and hard and we needed a break. I think it will make the girls more balanced with their lives and they will be ready to go for it next week.  Plus mom wasn't up to it. 

I haven't been out of the house for two days so will get out and see if I can enjoy the outside today.  I hope it helps my headache.  Poppie is getting his 6 volt battery this morning so will be able to start his 1957 case industrial backhoe, we checked the serial number for the actual year.  He is so excited to have it up and running.  I think I would like to be outside to see that.  I am not sure I will get out any farther until I can get rid of the headache.  I won't have any kids today, well except for the ones that sneak away from Son, he has to watch them today. 

I am so looking forward to the rest of the summer now that the 4th is past, no obligations and we can do whatever we want to do.  I can't wait to go firewooding, maybe some fishing and some swimming.  We probably won't get to go camping, well except in the backyard but that may be more than enough for Poppie.  The overnight camping really is almost too much for him. 

I showed Poppie a wool picker last night and he thinks he can make me one up pretty easily.  I can't wait if he can it will save me 150 dollars and I can start cleaning all my fleeces up while there is sunshine to dry it and I will have it all ready to spin this fall.  Well coffee to drink, cheese to make and if I can't get my headache to leave maybe a dark quiet room for the afternoon too see if I can't force it to go away..... tomorrow.

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