Saturday, May 18, 2013

Busy day at BBFC......

We had a busy day at BBFC when we first got there, we, Booboo and I, there were only ones there but for two ladies who were there to volunteer, neither could lift.  I had Booboo call Poppie to come down.  The Pseudo's Grands Mom came along and helped, and Mokie came over from her job at lunch.  A little later Cake Maker and Hubs came by and last but not least ENurse came.  We had a nice turn out of volunteers all worked hard and we got along well.  Nice easy pace and easy going group, we only had 58 plus an organic so a medium size distribution.  We did have some trouble with apricots and I ended up having to do my first credit, but it was some one that was very understand so that was great.  All in all we did okay for the first time with out both Lady and I.  I got home and got my paperwork all done, including the credit so all is done until next time, yay.  The pigs loved the excess even the bad apricots. 

Pianist came buy to get her basket from me, I had picked it up for her so she stayed and talked for a couple hours.  I watched Bubbles so Son could have a break.  Only is here visiting, she wants to spend the night with her cousin Cubbie.  They are having a grand time.  Cubbie has just recently learned to ride her bike and I caught her our trying to teach Only to do it as well.  Only gave up before Cubbie got her "teached".  Poppie is a little sore from all the carrying he is glad he doesn't have to do it every time.  He is backhoeing for Son but will be done soon and he will get some much needed rest.  Well after he feeds rabbit and goes over to fix  Grooms pressure switch.  All in all a good day.  We have an extra for the night, Copper is over to spend the night with Yogie.  Another day of the unexpected here, is it really unexpected if it is the norm...hmmm.

May the Lord bless the rest of your day and weekend.  He loves to love you and seeks your presence in him.... tomorrow.

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