Thursday, May 2, 2013

Painted, Bubbles, Page thought continue.... Spring may be here at last.

I got all of my doors finished, so all 7 are now orange on the one side.  I am thinking that we will be painting the girls doors chalkboard on their sides of the door, I had thought of making a part of their walls chalkboard but have decided that the door will be easier.  I just have a little really high up painting to finish and the front room and kitchen will be done.  I have to tile the backboard and it will be complete.  I got all of the pictures moved around to their new places and the mirror.  I am trying to decide which lamp to put on the mantle.  I have three really nice ones that my mother has given me over the years, two pink, which really won't go with the orange and one that is a tiffany stain glass with humming birds, probably the right choice.  I think that I am going to take the two pink ones, one with hand blown glass flower lillies and one a double glass with the large glass over the bottom smaller glass, the old fashion kind that I can't recall the name of.  I think that with those and the metal pink and green metal sconces/ wall hangings that Sister gave me a couple years ago I might just decide to repaint my room in a pink palette, maybe black or charcoal accents we will see but at least I have a way to go with all the pink frill's I have. The bedroom will have to wait it's turn though I really really want to do the pantry next so I can get the kitchen completely back to normal and all set up.  I have pieces complete but until the pantry is done it will be in chaos.  The bathrooms await as well.   I have also decide to redo the studio, move it to the small freezer room since the freezers will be going into the pantry and turning the big studio into a family room, so lots to still do.

Bubbles was sick yesterday, snotty nose and maybe an ear infection brewing, she is pretty consistent with them.  She had however been locked up in the house for the two days of rain so wanted to go outside to play, it was nice so I let her, you just can't keep a whirlwind that wants to whirl locked up.  She had fun on the stanchion, in the sandbox and her sister lost her.  I asked her sister when I checked on her where she was and Cubbie said, "she is in the hay trailer"  I said "I can see in the hay trailer and she is not"  I called Bubbles and she was in the large dog kennel by the piglet pen happily playing, she does always answer me when I call.  She answers her mom too, just not her sister so much. 

Spring looks to be finally here again, maybe it is just another tease but I do so hope not.  Poppie wants to finish up tilling so we can plant most of the garden this week end.  We try to plant in early May on the years that it is not pouring rain, like the last two, every once in awhile we get lucky and it doesn't frost late in May so we are ahead of the game by 3 to 4 weeks, and since Montana has a relatively short growing season the gamble can be worth it. Sometimes we have to replant.  We don't plant our fragile crops until Memorial day week end or after though, we will also get the green house planted soon.  I am going to put more manure, lime and some Epsom salts in it first.

I have been working on my Nannies cookbook of memories idea, I have decided to make a page for the index, which I have already tentatively outlined, and it can be a work in progress even as a published page, and from it I will publish posts to my regular blog.  They will be in order on the index page and the date they are posted to my blog will be listed, as posted, so they will be findable.  I am not sure that is a great way to do it but it is the only way I can come up with without making a completely new blog which I don't want to do.  I have decided I will publish pages regularly on Saturdays, and when ever the mood hits me additional ones.  I have also decided, unlike my regular blog pages which I type off of my head and just say what comes to mind, I will pre-write them as they will be mostly memories that are related to or associated with a recipe, if only in an arbitrary way some times.  I hope this makes since, and maybe in the end it means nothing to anyone but me, but it will be a way to share recipes and the memories that will mean something to my kids and grands someday.

Today is the day that the Lord made, be blessed with it and praise the Lord for it.... tomorrow.

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