Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Missionaries from Japan come by on their furlough...

Poppie and I got more done on the pantry.  We are making progress on the layout and how the pieces we have make the best flow and most storage.  I think that though the progress has been uberslow the time to contemplate usage has been priceless.  I am going to be truly excited with it when it is all done, and most of all ecstatic with the storage and functionality of it. 

I got to go to CAKLs, my little Birdie was waiting to make progress on her project.  We tried the knitting steps and she was very diligent but in the end we have decided that maybe I should bring in a afghan hook and she will try crocheting her project.  I am going to meet her on Thursday and teach her when there isn't so many people and commotion going on all at once.  She is going to succeed with this project if want and will are an example of her dedication to the project.  Helped my young knitter on her way to further success.  She has actually gone on youtube and been able to advance on her own so she is well and truly on her own path to success.  She does want me to teach her to crochet as well so we will do that soon or maybe even next week.  Lady and I caught up on BBFC and exchanged our thoughts on the next one.  Which will occur on the same day as the local Car Show so have to do some logistically arranging to make the out come smooth.  We are doing so well with the change of weeks we don't want to miss that up.  We will get it figured out to run smoothly.

The Ladies and I went to Church last night and got to meet the Missionaries to Japan that we help support.  They have been in Japan since 2000.  The have 6 children, 4 of which were born in Japan.  They are on a furlough in the states until March of next year.  They are visiting all the Churches that support them and I believe looking for more support.  They have technically got a work visa but they are not allowed to actually work at anything for money just the spreading of the Word and Christianity in Japan.  They have over their years there purchased a building that they are transforming into a Church building and for a home for the saving of souls for the Lord.  We got to see a short slide show of their home and works in Japan.  They get 25 feet of snow every year where they live.  They live if a sheep herding area of Japan and their Church is the Shepard Baptist Church.  They have had the opportunity to start a radio ministery and are making many contacts for the Lord. 

We got to hear a little about the culture of Japan.  I never realized how closed a society they were before last night.  I knew on a historical level that that was so but I had never really thought of it in a spiritual aspect before.  I think as an American I take it for granted that everyone has heard of Jesus, his life on earth and Christianity, like him, believe in him or not.  I know that most people I would talk to know a little about Jesus.  The Japanese are very different.  The missionaries are taking the Word of God for the first time to many of these people.  Their culture, religions and gods are very old, they have never heard of Jesus and to become a Christian is a total turning from their way of life.  I had never known that that could be in this age of the internet and global knowledge.  I just assumed that we were nearing a day and age where there could be no one that had not at least heard of Christ.  It was a very interesting and enlightening visit and we were blessed to learn about the Japanese people even if in such a minute way. 

I pray for the missionaries and the work they are doing in Japan.  I pray for the Word of God to be heard in their lives and God's Grace can be accepted into their lives and yours..... tomorrow.  

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