Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wheat alergy, Celiac or Non-Celiacs diesease, Belle and garden planing progress.....

I still have a lots of rhubarb to get done.  I ended up going to Belle's house with Poppie so he could fix a pressure switch. Poppie got it done and we were still busy chatting so he left Bubbles and I for a long visit.  We got to have a good visit which we have not gotten to do for awhile.  Belle has been to see her mother in Alabama and lots of exciting things this spring and we got a lot of visiting done.

  I did have a chance to talk to her about Celiac's disease.  Her daughter had been diagnosed with it about 9 months ago.  I had been looking into it recently as a possible answer for Booboo issues.  Booboo is more and more fatigues, foggy headed, she is having head aches and more IBD symptoms. Sister has just recently been checked for wheat allergies, that came out negative, but it had got me looking into the three conditions, wheat allergies, Celiac or non-celiac's diseases.   I really have come to the conclusion that these three need to be ruled out for Booboo.  I did come across a couple of articles that had to do with sourdough bread and gluten sensitivities.  The two different studies had had some indication that using old fashion sourdough methods of making bread, sponging and making the true sour sourdough had some effect on making the gluten break down and more paletable without damaging the intestines for people who are sensitive.  Sort of like Kefir does with milk for the lactose intorerant.  More research needs to be done,  I think maybe that is why we have never thought of gluten as a possible answer for Booboo before, we almost exclusively use old fashion sourdough and have for years.  I have read that there seems to be a genetic factor in the gluten sensitivities, and its connections with chrons or ulcerated colitis.   My nephew and two older daughters and Sister have all of these.  I also read that there seems to be a yeast allergy connection as well, IE, sourdough is not processed yeast.  I do remember that my Grandmother Greathouse, my dad's grandmother,  who was a tiny little woman never weighed more than 83 pounds in her life ended up being allergic to yeast, maybe she was tiny from having one of these conditions and was undiagnosed.  Ironically she swore her whole life that yeast was what gave her energy and she took a teaspoon faithfully daily, but when she got sick as a older person the Doctor diagnosed her with yeast allergy.  Funny that MSP effects so many people and there is a big debate whether it is a real or made up sensitivity, but if you are looking for it under any of its 140 label names, on products, one of them is yeast extract.  So maybe the gluten sensitive really do have issues with it that people over look. 

We finished our evening planting part of our garden, we got such a late start that we didn't get it all done but the potatoes, I know late, part of the corn, pumpkins, and yellow squash are in.  We hope to finish the rest today, probably Poppie and I this afternoon and Poppie this evening.  The girls and I are going to Church later, we are having guests.  Missionaries that we help sponsor from Japan are coming through for a visit.  It will be nice to visit with them and hear of their adventures.  Belle and family are going to be there as well.  So alas, I still have a mountain of rhubarb awaiting me.  I am still taking half of it to Lady, didn't get that done either. 

I pray for the victims and the survivors of the Oklahoma tornados.  I pray the Lord keep them in his arms, and welcome the ones that have gone home.  I pray that you know that when you die you will be going home to live with the Lord, if not today is the day you can know that you will be with the Lord in eternity..... tomorrow.  

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