Monday, May 20, 2013

Rhubarb coming out of my ears, Tattler water bath success, Poppie drives 6 hours.......

We had a nice day at Church.  We are to have missionaries come for a visit on Tuesday so looking forward to that.  All and all a comforting day with our family in the Lord and the Lord.  We praised him with love and joy. 

I came home and had canning to do,  I had broccoli to freeze and Mokie went up and picked all of Drama's rhubarb.  She gave me half of what she picked and it is well over 30 pounds.  Poppie also had to pick mine, early.  My naughty goats ate the tops off of them so they had to be harvested, stupid goats aren't supposed to eat rhubarb as it is a hazardous plant to them funny nothing is actually poisonous to them just hazardous.  I ended up with 20 one pound bags of broccoli blanched and in the freezer. Booboo and I filled up 14 jars to can.  I was going to get to do water bath using my Tattler jar lids, for the first time.  I was so happy when they came out, I tightened them up and waited for them to cool down.  I was able to take the rings off just before bed time and voila all 14 sealed perfectly.  100% success first time.  Yay.  I am really enjoying the changing over to the Tattlers.  I have seen the 4everrecap lids advertised.  I read a blog or two about them and am excited to try them as well.  The seem to be almost identical to the Tattler but they are cheaper and they have silicone seals instead of the rubber.  I was hoping to try using the silicone seal on my Tattlers (from accounts of other users they fit both lid brands), found the place to order them and put them in a cart to buy them but had to do something.  I went back to my cart and they had disappeared now I can only buy them with the lids.  Sadly, I really did want to try them and was happy to buy fifty seals to do that but now I can't even get them to try them with out buying the lids too.  I think I would like the silicone seal better maybe but since I have already got almost all of the 500 I need to make the transfer I am not going to buy more lids to test the silicone.  I will keep checking to see if they get them back again.

Poppie had to go to Kalispell last night to pick up Bug.  He had a friend coming through that could drop him at Kalispell, Troy or Thompson Lakes.  I didn't want Poppie on dirt mountain roads in the night alone so he went to Kalispell. It was an uneventful trip there and back, the Lord be praised.  I am still paranoid after 33 years of Poppie having to go anywhere with out me.  It rarely happens and I still worry the whole time he is gone. I know ocd.. but I can't change the way I feel or worry.

I still have rhubarb to process, thinking of making some pickles and maybe I will blanch some for the freezer.  Booboo and Mokie each made rhubarb pizza's so that was nice to have last night.  The girls had it for breakfast as well.  I am going to gift Lady with a bunch as well.  I am going to drop it off at the Library later, and have a catch up with her on the BBFC distribution this week, it went smooth and was a success, we have the best volunteers, really we do.

I just give the praises to the Lord for all that he does for me in my life.  I count the blessing of my family, my friends, the safe travels of my loved ones.  He is so good to me and mine.  I praise him for the trials and the blessings in my life.  You never know when a trial is a blessing that hasn't blossomed into a blessing just yet.  The Lord sends his blessing to us in his time frame and we never can doubt the wisdom of his unanswered prayers.  I hope you are blessed with God's blessings and love, his unanswered prayers and his trials, but most of all I hope you remember to praise him for his blessings in your life.  If he isn't in your life today is the day to asked him in.... tomorrow.

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