Monday, May 13, 2013

I don't seek to please people, I seek to please the Lord.

Do I disappoint God or man? probably both, and I am sure my folks on a lot more than one occasion, but generally I suppose I am average. I have been a hero, and a loser, to my older kids, and for now more a hero to my littles but they are coming to the age where I will be less and less so. I am not really talking about those type of incidents though. I am talking about a life that is either dedicated to pleasing man or pleasing God.  People, humans are a people of the flesh, and because we are, we tend to try and please the fleshliness of ourselves and others.  We like to be liked, some of us pander or cater to the desire to please so much that we loose our self worth, our dignity and our very souls in the persuit of pleasing and making other people happy.   We forget that pleasing others is a useless and unholy endeavor.  It leads to our loss, it gets us off the path of righteousness.  I can say that there are few people worth making happy in this life, a spouse, a parent or a child might be someone who would be worth our time and even then not always. I do know that for myself I have had a love hate relationship with my mother for years, not what I would wish, but the truth none the less. The reality is that what other people think is up to them, and none of my business, so the never ending desire to please people is of little use in this life and of no use in faith and eternal things. 

I don't pander to the happiness of others, well I can't say I never do, but I am sort of known for my mouthiness and unconformity so I rarely do, lets say.  I don't try to hurt people, in my honesty, but you don't have to go down the block to find out what I may or may not have said about you because I skipped the middle person and said it to you.  Gossip is of little use in this life, and a deadly sin,  I have not always been able to keep myself from the sin of gossip but I do try and it has become easier and easier a sin to overcome as I age.  I don't say it to your face to make you mad, hurt or anger you, but I do say it like it is from my point of view. I don't think pulling my punches and using polite white lies is of any beneifit to the person I am dealing with or myself.  I was not put on this earth to please man but God.  God ask us to love our neighbors, and let me tell you there are lots of degrees of what a neighbor is, that is a whole blog page in and of itself.  I do know that there are generic neighbors, neighbors in Christ and neighbors who aren't my neighbor.  God never asked us once to please people.  He as us to love our neighbor, not please him, loving is not pleasing. Why would you spend your time pleasing something as fickly as a human being?  One minute they love you the next they hate you and want to throw you to the curb or under a bus?  So, why oh, why would their opinion of you matter? why oh why would you want their friendship, they don't even know what a friend is, and value a friend as nothing.  Do you really need to be or want to be nothing?  Please God instead because not once has he ever treated you as nothing.  He loved you before the foundation of this earth was ever began, he knew you in his being and wanted a relationship with you.  You were worth his time, you were worth his sending his son to die on a cross so you might have eternal life.  Do you know one person that ever loved you like that?  I love my husband, beyond reason but I am not sure he would sacrifice his son for me.  He might sacrifice himself for me, but I don't think his son life, and I would not ask it of him.  I know he would not die for your son, I know I would not sacrifice my son for you.  I am not of the measure that would give that kind of sacrifice.  I am not worthy to wash the feet of the one and only person who ever gave his life for all of humanity.  I know soldiers, that would and have died, for their country, but they would not die for the world for just anyone who wanted to taste of the reward for their death.  No, I don't seek to please man and I fall short every day of pleasing the Lord.   I do know that the pleasing of man is an endeavor in futility but the pleasing of the Lord is a worthy goal, in this life, and gives us the chance to please and praise him in the next life.  If I was a betting person, and I am not, my money would be on pleasing the Lord, well I guess in a way it is, I have put my life in his hands to do with me as he would and that pleases me, to please my Lord..... tomorrow.

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