Friday, May 3, 2013

Rain today, no tilling, babies in the yard, kids and kids.

I have begun moving all the stuff out of my old office to make room to make the new pantry.  I do believe that remodeling in a house you are not occupying is so much easier than living in the mess or is it chaos?  I guess I am a glutton for punishment as more of my adult life, well my childhood as well, I have lived in homes that are forever changing.  I don't take out whole walls with no regard to whether it is a load baring wall or not, as my mom used to, but we do change things up, not so much now that we live in a whole house but we have moved a door and plan on making a new arched door way, so guilty of remodeling even the  new house.  I have just noticed that the colors of my new remodel are suspiciously like the colors of the Dr Seuss books I am going to cut up to make a wall hanging and a couple of game board tops, so am I living in Dr Seuss's house.... hmmmm.  Maybe it is a Freudian slip?  Who knows.  I am glad to be on the way to getting the archway cut, maybe today, yay, then new to us cupboards, a hutch, freezer moving, and we will be all done.  Almost there.

No tilling today it is raining, Poppie did get some of it done yesterday.  I had to make Cubbie and Bubbles stop digging in the rows behind Poppie as he tilled.  Poppie had to tell Bubbles to stay back from the tiller, she is a little, very little, afraid of power tools so it didn't take much to keep her leery of the tiller.  We spent part of the afternoon in the yard.  There were the two little girls running amuck with the little baby goats, they hadn't gotten to be in the yard before the littlest one was apprehensive at first but soon discovers all the grass to eat, barely even noticed when her mother went to the other side of the yard and she got lost.  Calliope is  really small, she struggled at birth and has never really caught up to her twin.  I hope she starts to pick up but have learned not to take extraordinary measure with a runt, most often it leads to heartbreak. She is a gentle loving little being though.  Funny she looks more like Lollipop's twin that either look like their own twins. 

More work on the house today, have to do paperwork for BBFC this afternoon to be ready for tomorrows distribution.  I have rhubarb and strawberries coming, I grow great rhubarb but here in Montana we don't always have them both at the same time so decided to make up some rhubarb strawberry jam.  We are hoping to get away for a little ride in the afternoon tomorrow. The girls both have plans tonight, one at a friends and one to go to grandpa's and then to the farmer's market at the Zoo tomorrow.  Poppie and I could have a date night if we wanted or maybe it would be a date afternoon in the woods tomorrow, how fun. 

Off to start my day, Poppie is having coffee with me.  I hope you have a blessed day.  May the Light of the world enlighten your day.  May the darkness in your soul receive the light of Christ.... tomorrow.

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