Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New record, glasses not right, more cupboards, Knitting lessons a success.

Yesterday my blog attained a new record, I had the most readers/views ever in a month, and on a 30 day month.  I had 2025 views in one month, funny it took me almost six months in the beginning to reach a 1000 views total.  I want to thank those of you who stop by to view, makes me think I should continue to plunk away on my keys.  I am working on my cookbook of memories idea to add to my blog but I don't really want to add it on as an adjacent blog but the pages don't allow for daily posts so I am in a dilemma on how to proceed.  I have made up the index of the recipe/memories I would like to blog on, I may just put that as the index in my pages but then actually blog on my regular blog pages, say as a Wednesday thing and only actually write those pages on Wednesday.  It might work, but it might be confusing.  I will get it figured out soon. 

Yesterday Yogie and I ran into the Zoo to get her braces fixed I also took in my new glasses.  I had gotten them in March they are great and I love them but...  I did start to notice at the girls play that I could not see the girls faces in the play or at the concert.  I could see their faces if I took my glasses off or if I closed my left eye.  I took them in yesterday they are different significantly than my old prescription, they checked and the prescription is correct on the glasses so they are not quite right.  They have decided I need to have my eyes checked to fix the problem.  They had an opening yesterday at 11 but it was at the same time as the ortho so we made an appointment for next Wednesday.  We took Yogie to the dentist got in early so tried to get back to the eye doctor by 11 at the open time but missed by 30 seconds so will have to go in next week.  So close.

Yogie and I went to Human Recourses and ended up buying three new cupboards that will go with the two we bought last week to make a hutch, it will be cool when done, and Poppie didn't growl or anything and thinks it will work great as a hutch.  I was on a short time table to get back so I could go to CAKls.  We made it.

Two lovely ladies were waiting to have their lessons when I got there, well they got their shortly after I got there but waiting none the less.  Little Birdie and Nurse had their yarn and their enthusiasm.  I showed them how initially in general and then started to work with each individually.  It was easier to work with each as their yarn was a little different so each had to knit slightly differently.  Nurse caught on relatively quickly and was off knitting away.  Her yarn was a little easier to work with, as it was bigger.  Little Birdie was struggling a little, and since the room was full of lots of people all talking at once it was understandable that there was a little confusion.  Shortly, and with some retrying a couple of times, she was on her way to a successful beginning.  She will do well she just has to stay with it.  They both left happy to be on their way to a new craft and the excitement of a new success.  They will work all week on their projects and I will teach them to bind off next week.  There was a young girl there who took interest in the knitting and I told her I would be glad to teach her next week, she doesn't have any yarn or needles so I will take some to teach her with next week.  All in all a great exciting day at the Library, and you didn't think the Library was allowed to have confusion or excitement outside of the covers of a book, who knew.  

More painting and kids, Poppie and Mokie are moving more of Bug's stuff to storage today.  I will have Cubbie and Bubbles.  I will try to get my doors painted, can't wait to get working on the pantry and the new hutch, so much to do so little time......

I hope the Lord blesses your day.  I hope he calls you name in a way that excites you to answer the call.  Hear the call today... tomorrow.

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