Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Off to the ortho, again, painting progression, mantle up.... knitting lessons.

Yogie was chewing on meat this weekend and part of her braces came off, so we are off to the Zoo to have it put back on this morning.  We are going to make a quick trip in, make a couple stops and back home.  I have to go to CAKLs today for sure.  Our little Birdie is wanting to make a frilly yarn scarf.  She had brought her yarn and needles last week for me to teach her how.  I had bought yarn to make the girls each one but hadn't begun them so didn't know actually how.  She gave me the pattern so I could show her.  I asked her if she could knit, No.  I tried to read the overly simple pattern and in the hub bub I was a loss at where to begin.  She said the class cost 45 dollars.  I told her I would figure out how to make them and show her at CAKLs this week.  I did come home from CAKLs last week and Youtubed to see how to make them, her pattern was not so good.  I surfed the tube and what do you know the person charging 45 dollars to teach you how to do this is a thief.  It is so simple it wouldn't take 5 minutes to teach.  I am thinking even teaching her how to knit, the cost of the needles and the yarn wouldn't still justify that cost.  So I have to be back to be at CAKLs for our little Birdie. 

I am making progress on the painting.  I got 3 of the 7 doors painted.  The Moroccan orange is definitely a statement, I am sort of glad I didn't choose one of the darker oranges I thought about.  When I first painted it was shocking, maybe more so due to the blue tape adjacent to the orange paint.  Once the blue tape was taken down it really has begun to grow on me.  I think the three colors do go well together sort of a southwestern feel. I do love the southwest style, sort of a tribute to our forays to New Mexico and Arizona in my childhood, and so love adobe.  I ended up with the really good beige paint from my mom, lovely creamy yellow and the Moroccan orange that I chose not quite as good of paint but as good as I could get here in town.  Poppie got the mantle and the antique columns up. Our great room which is composed of  the kitchen and the front room is coming together still so finish painting to do but we are making great progress.  I think the thing I like best about it is that it has an overall warm feeling about it. 

I have to get going to the Zoo so I will say good bye for now.  I leave you in the Lords arms hoping you have opened your Bible to read and hear his word for yourself, my soul wishes you the comfort of God in your soul..... tomorrow.

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