Friday, April 26, 2013

Tattlers, my first foray into using them.....

Yesterday day was the day.  I had bought a case of roma tomatoes from BBFC last week.  I had put in an order through a new co-op to buy Tattler jar lids, at the same time I had found a great deal on Tattler Jars lids on eBay.  I figured since I needed so many of them if I like them, which I should because even counting the original cost, which are greater, the fourth time I use them they are essentially free, win win.  The eBay ones were also a deal because I could get them right away where as the co-op will take longer to get them.  I got my first ones on Wednesday, Lady had gotten some with me so I dropped hers off yesterday.  I decided that yesterday would be the day of trial, knowing I would probably have errors.  I read about them on several blogs, some of which sang their praises in all applications,  some liked them only for water bath but not pressure canning.  There seems to be a bit of a technique to use them.  The best info is that you simmer the lids and rubber rings in water, put them on the jar and make sure they are centered well on the jars.  You put on the metal ring and tighten loosely even backing the ring back off of tight a quarter turn.  Unlike when you use a metal lid the Tattler lid and rubber need to be able to move a little during the cooking process, again unlike when you use metal rings, which you never tighten when you take them out of the canner, you immediately tighten the Tattler lids tight.  You can not leave them in the canner to seal, you definitely have to take them out and tighten them as soon as possible. 

I spent all of yesterday morning making spaghetti sauce.  I halved the tomatoes from an entire case of roma tomatoes added a quart of beef stock and set them to simmer in the pressure canner I was not going to can in.  I recently lost my stainless steel 20 quart pan.  It was part and parcel of the demise of my stove.  It actually welded to the burner in the middle of making lemonade concentrate.  I so miss my big pan, it only has a pin hole hole in it but beings as it is stainless steel it is not easily fixed and not worth the cost to do so.  I digress.  I set the tomatoes to simmer and began to chop the veggies I would add after I had cooked and sieved them.  I did add all the fresh herb bundles I had gotten from BBFC recently, which included sage, thyme, and rosemary.  I also added some dry oregano, parsley, onion salt, onion powder, garlic salt, garlic powder and coco powder to the pot to season the tomatoes as them cooked and simmer, oh, and 10 cups of roasted pumpkin and one small eggplant.  I chopped onions, red and green peppers, pablano peppers, garlic and olive oil to sauté in a pan.  Sautéed I set them aside to wait for the tomatoes.  Once the tomatoes were cooked I put them through my sieve to make them into sauces.  Once all was sauced I put them back into the canner pan, added the sautéed veggies, brown sugar, chili powder and 8 cans of tomato paste,  simmered to my desired thickness. Spaghetti sauce made I was ready to use my Tattlers, yay. 

I put the jar lids, rubbers and rings on as I had been instructed.  I processed them, took them out of the water, tightened up the lids, set them on the counter to cool. I ended up with 13 quarts and 4 pints. This morning I will see if they are sealed.  I must admit I missed the satisfaction of hearing the metal lids pop, a sort of song that tells you your jars are sealed.  We have just checked them and the first batch that I made, that I didn't unscrew back the quarter turn but just tighten loosely as stated on the box did not seal, but the two batches that I did make sure to turn back the quarter turn did seal.  I am glad I kept the batches separate so I would know what I did to make them seal or not seal, I am also glad I had a heads up that their would be a learning curve to use them.  I think over all once I get to know them I will like them but since I do have to reprocess a batch this morning I am glad I can see the value in using them and not obsess on my failure.  I will remember to turn the rubber over as that is suggest for best reuse, and remember my techniques that works. 

We ended the day yesterday with Grandpa coming over to help Poppie wither the two little piglets Reese and Pretzel.  They made lots of noise but all turned out well, they are growing like weeds, Poppie could barely hold them, he actually had to set on them to hold them for the neutering.  He said they are easily 25 pounds, maybe 30, apiece so they are growing like weeds, as they are supposed to. 

I hope your day is wonderful, I pray the Lord blesses you and fulfills you needs.  I hope he allows tribulations to the ones that needs to know of his comfort.  I hope you seek his grace..... tomorrow.


  1. Tattler sent out an email to their buyers not to turn back that 1/4 inch any longer and since I have stopped doing that I've had a better success rate with seals.

    1. Thanks for the info, I think in the long run each person has a different idea of tight so that might be where the difference lays. have a great day.


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