Sunday, April 7, 2013

Embrace the loves in your life......

I think in general at we all embrace our own loved ones.  We love our children, grandchildren and families.  Really have you ever meant a grandmother that didn't have the most wondrous grandchildren that ever were put on this earth.  Funny how to a one they think that their's is truly the most unique little creature that God ever created.  God intends us to love "ours" unconditionally, we never see that they can be brats, that some are truly little demons, or is it that our love and our over looking makes them into those undesirable creatures in the eyes of some one not their momma or grandmamma?  The end result it that we all love "ours", Gods wants it, and meant it to be that way, though he did tell us to train up our children, but I digress.  Embrace that love it is fleeting to have a child in your home, the sands of time take their youth in moments and you are left wondering when did that infant they laid in your arms turn in to a hulking 6'5" man?  When did my baby girl become someone else's momma?  Time stands still for no one. 

We love our friends, there are just some people in our lives that are dearer to us than our family,  we spend more time with them, we chose them in our lives. Our families are God's gift, and testing, our glory and our despair....  Friends should be our joy, we should take joy in having them.  They should never become our agony and when they do we should ask ourselves is this a relationship that God wants me to continue in? if not, unlike our families we can live without them in our lives.  Never forget that friends are for our good, and shouldn't be our destruction.

God should be our biggest love, we should embrace him and seek him like we do no other. We can not really love without know him, any kind of love that does not include him is less than it could be if he is a part of it.  I truly did not love my husband to the depth I do until I let the Lord guide that love.  My husband is so much more loving and caring with God guiding his soul.  I didn't know how to love unfettered until I let God be the first love in my life.  I think that that is one of God's mysteries, to truly love any one, or anything, we have to love through the window of God's love.  I don't know how to explain that to someone who does not love the Lord, it is part of faith I suppose.  It is like trying to explain the Bible to someone who does not believe.  They see is as a compilation of myths, really how could God; create the world is 7 days?  madness, it is called faith, the belief in things unseen.  I digress.  I do know that love unblanketed in God's love is so much less than it could be with God's love to magnify it. 

I was watching the news this morning and sadly they were talking about the fact that only one in seven people in American even read the Bible.  If 73 percent of American think of themselves as Christians, which is 7 our of 10, and only 1 in 7 actually read the Word that they profess to believe in, does that mean that they don't actually know enough about being a Christian and don't read the Bible but believe in what some one else told them was in the Bible? I truly wonder, and have no idea how some come to their profession of faith, and it is really none of my business, but I do hope that they are Christians in God's eyes, because in the end that is all the matters, that God's grace knows of your faith and holds you as his.... tomorrow.

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